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The Headache Offense and Unbeatable Defense Jonathan Grant has been selling this exhaustive set of plays, schemes and advice for flag football teams for over 10 years. It's not just a playbook. It's a strategy and advice book along with a ton of plays, covering just about every variation on how they might be defended and how to adjust. It's pricey but it is meaty, over a hundred pages.
Gridiron Football Gridiron Football is the leading non-contact youth football organization in the country. It offers a great set of resources for running a team or starting a league.
FlagSpin Your #1 source for everything flag football. Stay up to date on the latest flag football news, browse top plays from proven experts, buy flag gear from vendors worldwide, find strategies to help your team and much more!
FlagFootballX.com FlagFootballX.com's tag line is "The Ultimate Source for Everything Flag Football." It has league listings for 7 states and tournaments from all over the western half of the U.S. You can list yourself as a Free Agent and connect with teams across the country.
Long Island Sports League Flag Football This is the site to visit for all information regarding the L.I.S.L. A very comprehensive site for their youth and adult leagues, with history going back decades.