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Flag Football Basics

Basic offensive plays and defensive schemes from The B-Man
Click on the images to view them full size. Yard lines shown are 5 yards apart.

[Routes] Basic Passing Routes - These are your basic passing routes for receivers. To keep things simple, we even use the route numbers as audibles.

Combo Routes - We use this basic formation (2 WR's on one side) alot and run combo routes (patterns that complement each other). The combo routes are simply combinations of the basic routes shown above. Combo routes are designed to confuse the defenders and force a defensive switch. The Button Hook/Fade combo route (bottom left) is one of my favorites.
[Other Routes] Other Routes - We also use these other routes. The Out & Up works well after you've completed a few Down & Outs. Pump fake on the Out then throw it deep down the sideline. The Flare is good to use as a safety valve -- have the RB block first, then slip out. Ditto for the Tackle Drag. The Center Fly is kind of a gimmick route to keep the defense honest and our center happy ("Hey, when do I get to go out?"). The Fade is my favorite goal-line route.
[Routes] Option Play - This is our bread and butter play. Learn to run the option well. You can mix up the passing routes. If you execute it well, the defense can't cover everyone.
[Defense] 2-3-2 Defense - This is the defense we use 90% of the time. Two guys rushing, everyone else playing zone pass defense. The CB's cover Outs, Button Hooks, Slants, Flares and provide run support on the option (CB's have the RB). The LB roams the middle and has the QB on the option or a scramble. The 2 Safeties split the field and cover the deeper routes (Fly, Post, Fade).