Work Camper

Reach Workcamp 2003
Oliver Springs, TN

June 22 - 28

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Crew 24 Pictures
Breck and Kristen couldn't be happier to clean the brushes… and dump paint on the grass! Oops…
Ohio-boy Chase gives his best 'deer in headlights' look while Christine does all the heavy lifting. And with a smile too!
The crew looks surprisingly cheerful for 7:45 in the morning.
How many teenagers does it take to paint a lattice rail? Answer: 6 apparently.
View of the back porch. Look at the nice fresh coat of paint on the lattice!
Kristen and Breck: no paint. B-Man: paint on the beard, paint on the shirt… What's wrong with this picture?
Another shot just before takeoff in the morning. That early Tennessee morning sun shore is bright!
B-Man with Mrs. Miller, one of our wonderful residents.
B-Man imitating Little Bit, the Miller's mutt. No, really, that's the dog's name… Little Bit.
All work and no play… This was our Wednesday treat for 3 days of hard work: lunch at Mickey D's.
Hey, we've got all this white paint. Why not paint everything white?? Zach and Kristen are happy to oblige.
Katherine and Chase demonstrate the proper use of power tools…
And the improper use!
Nice shot of the whole crew with Ima and John. You can also see the new gutters almost complete.
B-Man and his trusty nailgun at the end of a long work day.
Troubleshooter Scott looks on while Zach is apparently lost in prayer.
Most of the crew in the laundry room where we put up new ceiling tile and painted the walls and tile.
I'm only smiling because I'm on the last row of tile. This wasn't my favorite job of the week!
The crew gathers around John on the last day as he recounts the stories of his life.
Another shot of the same gathering.
B-Man with big John and Little Bit. What a motley trio!
The rest of the crew gets their portrait with them too.
Ima's reading a Braille Bible to us as John looks on. "Looks" is not quite the right word. Both John and Ima are legally blind. So their sight is very limited.
Great shot of the whole crew on an Oliver Springs classic automobile. We passed this each day and decided to stop the last day and get a snapshot.
Our last night as a crew. Sniff, sniff.

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