Work Camper Reach Workcamp 2001 - Weston, WV
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Crew 16 Pictures
Scrape that ol' paint boys and girls! Brutha Graham, KT and Randi working hard on Day 1.
Stacy and Megan joining in on the paint scraping fun!
Yes, you have to scrape too, Pappy! (Mike and KT)
KT is awestruck at the handsomeness of her crew leader. Stacy and Megan lean in to take a look.
While B-Man realizes the Crew 16 ladies are a little young for him, Pappy (Mike) is licking his chops.
The crew bonded quickly as seen here: KT, Stacy and Megan pose while Brutha Graham plays on.
It's the Roof Coat Team! KT, Megan and Randi take five on the porch roof.
If it doesn't fit, make it fit! Brutha Graham smiles amidst the trials and tribulations of the laundry room floor repair job.
This roof tar does come off, right?? KT and Randi wash up after a day on the roof.
Brutha Graham and the ladies chillun' during the evening program.
Mike and Bman enjoy a brotherly moment to themselves.
Whose Chex Mix is this? Who cares… Mikey'll eat anything. He likes it! He likes it! Stacy looks on.
Don't worry, if the ceiling falls, I'll catch it. Brutha Graham doesn't seem to be buying it.
Please come down, Randi. Really, we won't make you say "About" anymore, we promise… (Stacy, Graham, KT, Bman, and Megan)
How do we get down? KT and Megan enjoying the shady half of the roof.
How much you give me to let go? Randi holds the lives of KT and Megan in her very hands!
Somebody's got to paint, ya know. Stacy rolls it on nice and easy.
Would you look at these brand spanking new walls?!? Troubleshooter Dan and Pappy (Mike) show off their labor.
Devotions and popsicles in the shade. Ahhh… Our resident, Sarah, enjoys the company.
Dude! This is so good. KT and Stacy enjoy their treats as Graham works on his Stevie Wonder impersonation.
Pappy likes his popsicles green.
I don't think I thanked you properly for breaking my flower pot. Sarah consoles the B-Man.
The crew tries to get a handle on the situation. Stacy, Megan, KT, Randi, Graham, and Mike.
We're all moving so fast, we can't even stop for a picture. Hence, the fuzziness.
Catching a ride to work, Stacy, Megan and Blake (?) from another crew.
Mike and Sarah bask in the bathroom's beautiful new look.
The whole crew with Sarah on the last day.
Take 2 of the same pose.
Take 2 again, this time, zoomed and blown up for your viewing pleasure.
Finally, Sarah laughs at one of the B-Man's jokes. Now if only Randi would laugh at one…
Last time the gang's all together.
And the last pic of Crew 16.
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