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Here's me, three of the kids, and Jason -- one of our counselors who's working with the Reach Staff this summer. We're in the boys' quarters -- where me and the guys slept all week. Most of the guys brought cushions or mattresses, but not me. I roughed it all week and slept on the floor! (stupid...)
Me again, with 11 of the kids at one of our nightly sessions with the whole camp. We're in the gym, having a blast as usual.
Me giving Pastor Ken a lift (and straining, I might add) at our nightly youth group "Reflections". This was the first time we had one of our pastors come along on a mission trip, and the kids loved it. He shared stories and insights with the kids and even got lost with several of them on a tour of the Tennessee countryside Wednesday afternoon.
Our chariot for the week -- while other workcrews drove to their worksites in full passenger vans, my crew and two or three others rode in luxury on this super-duper, air-conditioned bus. It made the ride home especially nice after a long, hot work day.
Here's a shot of me with the kids from inside our luxury liner. This was the nice, cool ride back to the school after Day #1.
Me and the crew in our resident's treehouse. This was taken on Day #1, which is why we all look so fresh.
Me and Kel in front of the house on Day #1. This is a good "before" shot of the porch. We replaced the floor boards and supports and gave it a new coat of paint by week's end.
Another good "before" shot. Compare this shot to the one below of me and the adults with our resident. Quite an improvement, dontcha think?
Me and fellow counselor Phil on the roof. This was Day #2 and Phil and I started mopping out the Kool Seal (aluminum-tar stuff that coats the tin roof). It wasn't the easiest job, but it had the best view!
The B-Man painting the eaves above the roof. Guess you can tell where I spent most of my time for the week.
The B-Man looking cool on the roof with the Kool Seal mop. Look dangerous? Well, kinda. Notice I'm tied to a rope that's anchored on the opposite side of the house. Using the rope, I rappelled across the roof and mopped out the silver goop. It was sweaty work, but kinda fun, too!
The "before" picture of the dining room floor. The support boards were rotted out and were causing the floor to dip almost a foot in the middle. So, we tore the whole thing up, replaced the support boards, and put down brand new plywood. See the the next two pictures for "during" and "after" pictures.
Me and the whole crew in the half-completed dining room floor. This musta been about Day #3.
Me and crew member Mike looking studly in the finished dining room. Look at that sturdy new floor! (and look at the beard on the B-Man!)
Here's the "after" shot. It's me with Phil, Don (our helpful, hardworking trouble-shooter in the red), one of our extra helpers on the last day, and our resident Gladys. Check out the porch -- good as new!
Me and my prayer partner for the week, Meredith from Normal, IL. We got to meet once in the morning and once in the evening for prayer devotionals each day. This is taken on Friday (Day #5) and is a good shot of the B-Man's beard just before Saturday's big shave!
The B-Man and the Ben Dawg standing in front of the stage (you can see The Wall behind us) and looking goofy as usual. Though it's a little hard to tell, this picture was taken on Saturday before we left -- I've just shaved the beard off!
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