Summer Beach Blast `97

Summer Beach Blast `97

This August, the youth and I took another trip down to the beach in Garden City, SC. We stayed at the same Christian camp as last year -- affectionately known as "God's little fortress by the sea." The theme for this year was "The Crossover" -- as in making "the Crossover" into a lifestyle that lifts up Jesus in every situation.

As the name suggests, we had a blast! Even though the weather wasn't great, we had fun riding waves in the ocean, digging spikes in the 2-on-2 volleyball tournament, going nuts with shaving cream on the beach, and slip-sliding at the waterpark. Check out pictures from the trip below:

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Counselor Brad (far left) with several kids, looking cool on the balcony of our home for the weekend. Brad became notorious for dropping cups of water (notice the cup in his hand) on unsuspecting bystanders below -- he even got me once!
Me and Bon demonstrating that breakfast (dry Cheerios for me -- no milk) is the most important meal of the day.
Here's the B-Man hanging with 7 of the kids on the first night at the beach.
Me, Big Al, and the Ben-Dawg proving that lunch is important too. Our cooks, by the way, did a wonderful job all weekend keeping us (60+ kids and 10+ counselors) well fed.
Me and Big Steve in an action shot showing off our somewhat limited volleyball skills. There's even a close-up shot for your viewing enjoyment.
Another action shot from our first and last (!) match of the tournament. Seeded 5th, Big Steve and I bowed out early. Hey, if it had been a 2-on-2 Tug-o-War tournament, we woulda kicked butt!
Here's me and my group for the weekend -- The Praying Portugese Man-O-War's (PPMOW). We're posing with our sand castle creation.
The first of three shots from the infamous beach shaving cream war. There's a close-up of me about midway through the battle. Looks like I'm not very good at defending myself.
Another pic from the fray. There's Brad on the prowl, and Counselor Will with the video camera -- if you ask me, that was a clever way not to get creamed.
Here's a shot from late in the melee. Looks like everyone got it pretty good, dontcha think?
A group shot of several kids after the war. See -- everyone kissed and made up.
Me, Ryan, and Big Steve formed the bass trio for our nightly gospel singing.
Me doing my best funky chicken dance for our rendition of "Ain't No Rock." Needless to say, I really get into the songs and try to get everyone fired up and singing along. Usually, the kids just laugh...
There's Will and Adam in the foreground, with Me and Brad about to hit the surf. That's us going way out of control on the water slide (see the close-up shot). Our favorite slide, The Dark Hole, is not pictured. It plunged you into total darkness for a super-fast, tube-slamming thrill ride!
Me on the Cliff Diver. Talk about a drop-off! Both of these slides were awesome, but tended to slam water in your face and give you a massive wedgie.
Here's the whole crew we took to the waterpark, posing after we'd conquered all the slides.
Here's me looking thoughtful before our evening reflections.
Here's me as the Bad-to-the-Bone B-Man -- a raunchy stand-up comedian in one of our skits on entertainment.
Me with the ladies (and Andy sticking his head in) in our Sunday best before church.
Me and Counselor Steve supporting our pal Allen. Allen graduated last Spring and enjoyed this last beach trip with the youth group. He blessed us with his awesome guitar-playing and singing / songwriting talent.
A great action shot from the beach of me making a beautiful diving catch before hitting the surf. The B-Man knows football!
You can always find The B-Man surrounded by beautiful babes on the beach. As you can see, this trip was no exception!
Here's the whole group on the beach on our last day. What a Beach Blast!

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