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Ken Marks

7/30/1999 3:46pm ET
Check out our web site: www.4on4.com to see what our league is all about. We're in Jacksonville Florida. We currently have 72 teams participating in our summer season which ends Aug. 18th. Our next season begins September 18th. We expect to reach 90 or 100 teams by then. Teams from Tampa, Palatca, Lake City and even Georgia come to play with us weekly or we schedule double or triple headers for these 'out of town' teams. Our league is run very smoothly with alot of attention to the wants of the players. Our league was actually founded by the players of another league. We host tournaments regularly and our annual Gold Rush Tournament is our Signature Event. Come join us in our weekly league or participate in our tounaments.

7/29/1999 9:52am ET
I am looking for any flag football leagues in Western Pa. Please e-mail me if you know of any? I love to play.

7/27/1999 10:03am ET
cortez welch

7/24/1999 11:32pm ET
Still looking for a Quarterback for 8-man Flag Football team in Atlanta, GA for up coming tournament and regular season.
George Higgins

7/22/1999 12:15pm ET
I regret to inform you that I have sold the AFTFL and the new owner has opted not to continue using the AFTFL name.

Thanks to all

George Higgins

7/21/1999 12:56pm ET
I am looking for information on joining a 4-on-4 flag football league in
Indianapolis, IN.
I have a team, looking for competition.
Garden State Flg Ftbll As

7/19/1999 1:40am ET

Garden State Flag Football Association

Garden State Flag Football
1999 8 on 8
State Championship

On July 10, 1999, the Garden State Flag Football Association held it's first Annual 8 on 8 Championship. The Game was played at the Continental Airlines Arena (Meadowlands Sports Complex).

The two teams that meet where the T.G.I.Friday's Gamblers (Wall Twp Champions) vs. FlagMag.com (Rahway League, fall Champions).

T. G. I. Friday's Gamblers won 14-0. Two passing touchdowns by quarterback Chris Guichard (MVP) plus a quarterback sneak for a two point conversion. Ross Martin caught one 5 yard touchdown pass and Ty Dilliard caught one for a 12 yard touchdown.

On the other side of the ball the offense could not punch the ball in to the end zone. FlagMag's quarterback Reed was under pressure but he moved the ball down the field with the help of Chip Gandy and Vincent Murphy. Rich Laskowski attempted a 50 yard field goal which was only about a yard short. FlagMag's defense was hot with LB Tim Pino and DL Anthony Pucci recording five combined sacks and DB Bo Moore recording an Interception. LB Chris Ouellette lead the defense in tackles.

The Garden State Flag Football Association would like to congratulate the T. G. I. Friday's Gamblers on a superb win...Also a great job to FlagMag.com....Good Luck to both teams in the future and hope to see them in the running for next years 8 on 8 Championship Game @ the Continental Airlines Arena.

Any New Jersey team that would like to be eligible for the 2000 8 on 8 Championship please contact:

Garden State Flag Football Association
2 Sarah Lane, Monroe Twp., NJ 08831
Thomas Paulikas 732-446-8794
Jim Schmale 732-287-2379

To unsubscribe, write to Garden State Flag Football Association GSFFA@aol.com

7/16/1999 12:52pm ET
looking for florida flag football tournaments or leagues also info on the next air-it-out

7/16/1999 12:50pm ET
looking for florida flag football tournaments or leagues also info on the next air-it-out

7/13/1999 5:51pm ET
we are looking for leagues to join in florida for flag football. we are air-it-out champions of Jacksonville 3 years straight. tampa bay champs too.
we would like to be drafted by an a coach.

7/11/1999 6:23am ET
I'd like to buy some good quality flag football equipment (belts, flags, et al). Can someone point me in the right direction. Any help will be appreciated.

7/10/1999 9:00pm ET

7/9/1999 3:51pm ET
Help I am starting a 7 man team on school campus. I need plays or any knowledge, anything will help a this point.
Top Gun Tom

7/2/1999 11:49am ET
Top Gun is pleased to announce its Player's Choice 8on8 (All Eligible) CA$H Tournament to be held August 21/22, 1999. Games will be played at Hare School Park in Garden Grove, CA. Teams are guaranteed 3 games - 2 games for seeding, then single elimination. Each team may carry up to 16 players.

Cost per team is $425, of which $125 will go towards CA$H prizes. Tournament will run with a minimum of 8 teams ($1,000 prize money), and maximum of 16 teams ($2,000 prize money). Prizes are paid in CA$H following the championship games.

Deadline for entry is August 11, 1999. For registration packet, please contact us by e-mail at tour@topgunflagfootball.com or call 714.773.4829 or 714.585.5668. We welcome teams from out of state, and will provide hotel information upon request.

Top Gun is Southern California’s premier league offering 5on5 all-passing flag football. We also offer 4on4 Live! And 8on8 All Eligible leagues and tournaments. To find out more about Top Gun, visit our website at www.topgunflagfootball.com.
Jennifer & Sylvie

7/1/1999 12:21am ET
We've just started playing on a 7 on 7 women's flag league and desperately need some plays. Anyone with any plays or strategies - PLEASE send them to us, thanks !!!
We'd also like someone to help coach us - if you're interested please let us know. Unfortunately we can't afford to pay anyone as we're all students in college, but wouldn't mind taking you out for drinks and partying after games or practices.
Cortez welch

6/29/1999 10:34pm ET
TO:Zimbo96@aol.com unable to send mess back to you. But, The answer to your question is yes, I play in a league' (American Flag & Touch Football League). Where? Atlanta, GA. Still looking for a QuarterBack can you help? Please Respond A.S.A.P

6/29/1999 6:50pm ET
For Immediate Release
July 1, 1999

NFL Flag presented by Nike
Comes to New Jersey

New Leagues to start in fall of 1999. The following counties will be included: Union, Middlesex, Mercer, Mommouth and Ocean.

Kids 6-9 (coed) will play in the NFL Ultimate Division, a new way to play non-contact football. Everyone touches the ball as you pass and run it down the field. Kids 10-14 will play NFL Flag, a five-on-five game with downs, pass plays and touchdowns like a real NFL Game. But there is no tackling or blocking (Non-Contact); You just have to yank the flag off the ball carrier’s belt.

Get your team started this season to prepare for the 1999 NFL Regional and National Champions.

Bracket “A” ages 6-9, Coed (NFL Ultimate)
Registration Fee: $40 per player
Bracket “B” ages 10-11, Coed (NFL Flag)
Bracket “C” ages 12-14, Boys (NFL Flag)
Bracket “D” ages 12-14, Girls (NFL Flag)
Registration Fee: $60 per player*
*Discounts for families with more then one child being registered
Each paid player receives: Certificate of Excellence, NFL jersey, NFL lanyard, Flag belt, Trophy (all players). Also included in the players’ fees: team footballs, official’s fees, field rentals and player insurance.

To find out more about NFL Flag presented by Nike, Contact:
Garden State Flag Football Association
Thomas Paulikas, President 732-446-8794
Jim Schmale, Vise-President 732-287-2379
Or Email: GSFFA@aol.com

Cortez Welch

6/24/1999 11:27pm ET
Blue Devils 8man eligible f-football team out of A.F.T.F.L. in ATLANTA GA. Are looking for 2-quarterbacks to help team get back to CHAMPIONSHIP form 2-seasons removed. If you got game and serious about your game and competition E-Mail me at REESE@ACNINC.NET
Garden State Flag Ftbl As

6/24/1999 11:01pm ET

Garden State Flag Football Association - http://www.webspawner.com/users/gsffa/

1999 GSFFA Spring Champions Rahway League (9 man ineligble)

Generals 42 Flag Mag.com 6

In their normal fashion the Generals came in and played a perfect game and
became the only Rahway League team to go undefeated the whole season. As
FlagMag was only the second team this year to score on the Generals,
bringing their total points against to 12 points.

Game MVP's are Offensive: Merty Smeen (rb)
Defensive: Chris Womack (db)

League MVP for 1999 Rahway Spring League:
Bo Moore, Generals 122 points scored (19 passing TDs, 1 rushing TD)

Daniel Doherty

6/24/1999 5:42pm ET
New league starting this fall in New York City (9 on 9) $5,000 prize with trophy, and free entry back into the league as defending champions for following season. For more information visit our web site at WWW.NYCIFFL.COM or call Interboro Flag Football League at 718-432-9176
will davis

6/23/1999 9:31pm ET
I and some friends of mine are looking for an Atlanta, Ga flag football league to join. Anyone having information please e-mail me with details....thanks.

6/22/1999 4:06pm ET
Our team just played in a tournament and nothing went rite. We must get in another tournament A.S.A.P. If anyone knows of any leagues in the Phoenix area or tournaments in the SouthWest let me know. (Air-It-Out style)

6/22/1999 4:04pm ET
Our team just played in a tournament and nothing went rite. We must get in another tournament A.S.A.P. If anyone knows of any leagues in the Phoenix area or tournaments in the SouthWest let me know. (Air-It-Out style)

6/7/1999 5:08pm ET
SANTA BARBARA CALIFORNIA-Looking to form or join fun but serious team for flag ball...start with fun games and slowly add some plays and build a team to do a tournament and stuff...Im a 26 pro musician and LOVE football...Im an intelligent QB with good arm but nice touch...anyone interested e mail me and Im even looking for people who dont want to play...but want to even coach!

6/7/1999 5:07pm ET
Looking to form or join fun but serious team for flag ball...start with fun games and slowly add some plays and build a team to do a tournament and stuff...Im a 26 pro musician and LOVE football...Im an intelligent QB with good arm but nice touch...anyone interested e mail me and Im even looking for people who dont want to play...but want to even coach!
Jimmy Brodie

6/4/1999 6:45pm ET
Does anyone have any offensive and defensive strategies to share for 8 man screen flag football where every man is eligible to receive passes. Also, if you are in the Brazoria County, Texas area and are interested in playing flag football in the Lake Jackson league, then email me at brodiejames@hotmail.com.
Tim Huynh

5/26/1999 12:34am ET
Axis4on4 Flag Football League -- San Diego CA

What if you could combine ALL the BEST ideas from 4on4 leagues across the country? Well, this league has arrived to San Diego: Axis4on4 Flag Football.

* The best competition--> SWARM IS IN!
* Professional and experienced refs
* Full-featured Web Page
* Nice new fields
* $25,000 Medical insurance
* Astrojump
* Security Guard
* and many more features...

Inaugural Season starts Saturday July 24, 1999.
8 week, 11 game season. 3-4 seasons per year.

Registration Fee: $0.00, $99.00, $199.00, or $250.00

Games Fee: $30.00 per game per team, includes 2 refs and security guard/statkeeper.

Prizes: $150.00 Registration Fee or Air It Out entry, Trophies.

Find out more about this exciting league at:

Tim Huynh
Axis Sports


5/20/1999 1:47pm ET
Could someone please send me info on starting up a league in Ohio, and how to secure sponsors.


5/16/1999 8:13pm ET
I am interested in flag football leagues in northeast nj.
anyone with info please email me thanx
Fernando Acosta

5/6/1999 1:14pm ET
I am interested in registering a team in a flag football league (either for tourneys or leagues). I live in Phoenix, AZ. Can anyone offer suggestions?
Steve Phipps

5/3/1999 7:00pm ET
Check out FlagZone.com. Home communcations site for Mid-Atlantic flag football. Custom team web page design and hosting as well as team email. A message board for all to discuss the great sport of flag football.


Steve Phipps

4/19/1999 7:01pm ET
check out my web site for plays and strategies!


4/4/1999 3:30pm ET
We have just updated our site with many great new features.
National 4on4 Rankings-sytem that makes every game your team plays count, no matter what league, tournament or affiliation.
Teams Across The Nation- submit your teams profile so every player in the country can check it out.
Chat Room- football discussion every Sunday @8:00 p.m. eastern time
Four on Four EZINE- web magazine that includes scores, standings feature articles and much more from leagues and tournaments around the country.
Join the USA4on4 Flag Football Group-have information about 4on4 events, leagues and mch more emailed directly to you.
Free Email-give your team its own email address yourteam@usa4on4.zzn.com
Much Much more!

4/2/1999 5:26pm ET

Team USA will play in the Hamburg Challenge Flag Football Tournament May28-30th.

Team USA will perform Clinics and will play against all teams.

If you are interested in Joining in on the Fun, as a team, player, or sponsor, please contact - Wolfgang Kleuss email-WKFootball@aol.com
or just email me back.

Look forward to meeting everyone.

Jim Zimolka
Flag Football Magazine
Robert Leone

3/30/1999 10:27am ET
Start a NFL Flag football league. Organizations that want to start a youth program for boys and girls ages 6-14. NFL and Nike will help sponsor. call for free handbook 516-261-7173
Daniel Doherty

3/26/1999 2:27am ET
New league starting this fall in New York City (9 on 9) $5,000 prize with trophy, and free entry back into the league as defending champions for following season. For more information visit our web site at WWW.NYCIFFL.COM or call Interboro Flag Football League at 718-432-9176
Garden State Flag Footbal

3/19/1999 11:15pm ET
Join todays hottest flag football news covering all of the State of New Jersey....Standings, stats, Tournaments around the tri-state area, State Rankings!!! When and where new leagues will be starting!!! See about your competition!!!! Join our emailing list and you get this all for free!!!!!! All in your mail box, no more looking up websites...unless you want to!! Links to the best Flag Football sites in the world!!!!!!!

Click here to join our mailing list!

Join our mailing list!

Pro Flag

3/16/1999 11:50pm ET
Professional Flag Football League
9 Man Lineman Ineligible
1999 Pro Flag Challenge Tournament Schedule
$2,500 First Place Team

New York Pro Flag Challenge - May 15th & 16th
Atlantic City Pro Flag Challenge - June 5th & 6th
Cleveland Pro Flag Challenge - June 19th & 20th
Baltimore Pro Flag Challenge - July 10th & 11th
Carolina Pro Flag Challenge - July 24th & 25th
Washington DC Pro Flag Challenge - August 14th & 15th

1999 Pro-Flag Bowl * Canton, Ohio - Labor Day Weekend

Contact the league office today for more information or to enter your team.

Email info@pro-flagfootball.com
Contact league office at (919) 894-1783 or fax (919) 894-4517
Robert Leone

3/4/1999 8:23pm ET
Join the NFL flag football presented by Nike program. call me for free hand book on how to start a NFL Flag league.
Robert Leone 516-261-7173. All youth groups, ages 6-14 boys and girls. NFL and Nike to provide Jerseys,footballs and flag belts medical ins, all team identified. registration fee $20 per player. State regional and National playoffs in 2000.
Jim Zimolka

2/24/1999 10:28pm ET
Flag Football Magazine-

100 pages of flag football news.

Bob Jacobs

2/12/1999 9:51am ET
The Virginia Flag Football Association has now posted the results of all Virginia State Flag Football Tournaments since 1977. Check out the website of the official State organization:

Kevin A. Rodrigue

1/16/1999 11:17pm ET
The Christian Athletic Association
We sponsor a flag football league for Christian schools in the New Orleans area. We are seeking to expand that to include Chucrch youth groups. If your school or church are interested in competing next fall, please e-mail me. THANK YOU

12/16/1998 10:15pm ET
Having trouble beating a zone defense? I might be able to help you. I've got a play we used all the time to slaughter zone defenses. I'd love to help if I can, or at least try.

12/11/1998 1:00am ET
8 on 8 COED.... where in the hell is frankie womack's web page? need some plays for a good but championshipless team!
 ^                 ^
: :
: :
: <..... :
: '. :
: <........ '. :
: <........ '. '. :
: '. '. : :
: : : : :
o c o o o o


center countersteps to the left and trots to the right flat... works every time... man2man killer and sneak past the up-man on zone flat side and drop it in for a decent gain!
where are the plays?
James Lee

11/18/1998 9:43am ET
I have been a flag football fan for many years, and this sport has really grown, but I still have yet to find a company that manufactures an athletic apparel line exclusively for flag football. Well, I have decided to start a company called "PAYDIRT". I manufacture a line of clothing that is specifically designed for flag football players, coaches, referees and fans. For more information on how you can get official flag football gear, E-Mail me for a free catalog. I will soon have a web site that you can visit, but we are in the beginning stages of page design. E-mail me at:
NFFL1999 @aol.com
Carl Williams

11/16/1998 11:28am ET
Flagfootball.com is a huge disappointment. IT promised a lot in the beginning but has not delivered. It seems the operator is more interested in trying to make money than to serve some social purpose -- no that there;s anything wrong with that, but the content of that site leaves a lot to be desired. Go there if you want, but I'd be suprised if you need to spend more than a minute to get any useful info from it. Sorry, but it needs a lot of improvement.

11/15/1998 10:20pm ET
Check out your home for the sport on the web! FlagFootball.Com! This week, get upcoming NIT action info along with
our netradio interview with the greatest
flag football QB to ever play.


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