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Kamron Saremi

9/29/1999 4:45pm ET
I am looking for a semi-comp. league in the L.A. area and have no idea where to start.
Nancy Novak

9/28/1999 1:46pm ET

9/27/1999 11:14pm ET

9/27/1999 1:17pm ET
need to know were to sign up child for flag football glen burnie md anne arundel county age 6 fall winter league

9/27/1999 11:33am ET
Can somebody please tell me where I can find flag football equipment and rules?

9/26/1999 5:44pm ET
I need the answers to these questions like NOW.

When was flag football invented?
Where was it invented (City, State)?
Who invented it?
Why was it invented?

9/26/1999 3:12pm ET
Need some offencive plays for my first tournament as qb on friday. if you can please get them to me by wednesday !!

9/26/1999 3:07pm ET
I have been playing flag football for about 3 years and this is my first year as QB . If anyone can give me some offencive plays it would be much appreciated !!!!


9/25/1999 10:51am ET
I have just started playing touch football for my company and need to learn some plays so I don't look like a duffas on the field. If anyone can help please send me some offensive and defensive stratagies and plays.

9/25/1999 12:52am ET
I'm looking for information on starting a flagfootball team in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
I would like to know the cost and requirements for a 9 on 9.
Please e-mail me. thank U

9/24/1999 11:27pm ET
Need Flag football plays? Need a good Offense or a good defense? Having
trouble beating a zone defense? Having trouble beating any kind of defense?
Having trouble stopping any kind of offense?
Looking for something to turn your team around or take you over the top?
Want to tear up your league?
Just started a team and need help becoming a dominating team?
Go to www.flagfootballplays.com

Jonathan Grant

9/24/1999 6:37pm ET
I am looking for some flag football plays for co-ed 8 on 8
offensive and defensive plays....

9/24/1999 4:31pm ET
In need of offense and defensive plays. Would help out tremendously. Thanks.
Nancy Novak

9/24/1999 12:52am ET
I need an address or phone number or E-Mail address on where I can purchase my flag football team FLAGS. THANKS A LOT.

9/22/1999 9:28pm ET
hi I'm only a kid and I'm the captain for my flagfootball team.I need plays for my team real real bad.please send plays for my team.

9/22/1999 5:04pm ET
NEED FLAG FOOTBALL PLAYS!!!!!!! HAVE ALL THE TALENT IN THE WORLD JUST NEED THE PLAYS TO GO WITH IT!!! please send any plays you have to my address. thank you.
Brian Ball

9/22/1999 4:58pm ET
I need help with my defense in a 7 on 7 leaguewith no blocking and everyone is an eligible receiver.

We have a lot of trouble covering the middle of the field AND putting pressure on a double passer.

Please send help ASAP.
Leo Edelsberg

9/22/1999 12:37pm ET
New coach in boys league, 6 on 6 neeed all the help I can get, plays formations
Bill Goldman

9/22/1999 6:58am ET
VA/DC/MD: UFL needs players, teams and refs. for fall indoor arena and outdoor leagues (Oct.-Dec.). If interested, please call 703/971-7161(H) or 703/486-2000, ext. #616(W)
Bill Goldman

9/22/1999 6:55am ET
VA/MD/DC: UFL needs players, teams and refs. for indoor arena and outdoor flag leagues this fall (Oct.-Dec.) Please call if interested: 703/971-7161(H) or 703/486-2000, ext.#616(W)
Jason Hulen

9/22/1999 2:42am ET
Need coaching or personal training? Lubbock, TX
Corey Stone

9/21/1999 2:42pm ET
I am looking for a place to order flags at a reasonable price. Send me any info you have. Thanks
mick abner

9/19/1999 11:06pm ET
i am looking for any
tournaments in the
Louisville and Lexington Kentucky area. Also the Knoxville Tennesee area.
Bob Ozo

9/16/1999 5:09pm ET
I have no "coaching" experience and I need some good offensive plays for a couple of 4-5th graders.( 8 on 8 ).Our squad has excellent defense but hasn't scored....already have 2 0-0 pre-season games.
Aaron Jones

9/16/1999 3:23pm ET
I coach a 7 on 7 womens flagfootball team and need plays ,willing to pay for good play

address: www.aaronwaxx.com
Adam Riff

9/16/1999 3:21pm ET
I play ate the University of Florida. We play in fraternity leauge here which has sent a lot of teams to nationals. Our first victory was 46-0 this season. We have a lot of great plays but as player/coach. I'm always looking for new stuff, so if you have any ideas or if you need help, please email me. Maybe we can make each other better. Thanks

9/16/1999 4:20am ET
I am coaching a 3rd through 5th grade 8-man elementary school team. I have designed many plays that I adapted from my old high school playbook. I am willing to share ideas with anyone that wants to e-mail me.

9/15/1999 1:11pm ET
Need Flag football plays? Need a good Offense or a good defense? Having trouble beating a zone defense? Having trouble beating any kind of defense? Having trouble stopping any kind of offense?
Looking for something to turn your team around or take you over the top? Want to tear up your league?
Just started a team and need help becoming a dominating team?
Go to http://members.truepath.com/homey/homey2

9/14/1999 2:52pm ET
does anyone have any information about joining a flag football league in atlanta?

9/13/1999 6:48pm ET
I'm looking for Offensive/Defensive linemen in the Union county NJ Area. please email me with info thanx.
Some Organized Football Experience required!!!

9/13/1999 1:03pm ET
I have a lot of flag-football plays. My old coach and I designed over 500 different plays for 7 different formations. (2 QB, spread, wedge, etc.) He has over 12 state championships in 3 different states. For more details or if your trying to get a hold of some great plays that work e-mail to the address given. With practice and execution (even without much talent), most of the plays are unstoppable. All plays are designed for 7-on-7. But can easily be adapted for 8-man.
Jeff Hotlon

9/11/1999 11:04am ET
I am looking for a league that is in the Kansas City Metro area. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Mike G

9/9/1999 11:26pm ET
I need plays for a 5 on 5 kids flag football team.
Any suggestions?

9/9/1999 1:35pm ET
looking for any leagues in the nor.california area ...
John Rabara

9/9/1999 11:24am ET
Looking for an all year round league in dallas, tx to enter a team in...if you know any please e-mail
Wendell Christian

9/6/1999 3:26pm ET
I'm looking to join a flag football team in the Georgia area. I live in College Park. Just moved in G.A. 3 weeks ago. Please e-mail if there is any openings around. I can play basically any position.
Thank You!

9/6/1999 12:09am ET
I need some plays, and I mean now!!!! just started an 8 man team and we are in need of some plays....please help

9/4/1999 10:33am ET
a men how do you play flag football I
had a game v.s. Eavns and we lost to them 21-19 and we did not my QB joey Ellott.
Kyron L. Hall

9/3/1999 9:32pm ET
I'm a 26 year old male looking for a league or team in the dallas fort worth metroplex area 9/3/99

9/3/1999 3:50pm ET
Looking for 6/6 football plays.
Willing to trade.
Greg George

9/3/1999 10:22am ET
I am playing in a 7/7 flag football league for the first time and would love to find some offensive plays and defensive schemes that have been successful. Your help is greatly appreciated!

9/3/1999 1:46am ET
Tommy Moreno

9/2/1999 2:18pm ET
Looking to join a team/league in my area--Hermosa Beach, CA. Please email me any info. Thanks.

9/2/1999 12:39pm ET
Looking to join a team in Northern VA
Too late? Former QB. Please email any info. Thanks

9/1/1999 11:16pm ET
Could someone send me info on 4on4 tournaments in the Pa NJ MD NY Conn VA areas.

9/1/1999 7:52pm ET
I'm looking for a league in the Bloomsburg, Pa area. Please e-mail me with any info.
Benny Schriefer

9/1/1999 7:36pm ET
Anyone interested in youth leagues please e-mail me. I run youth leagues and am well known on Flagmag.com and the Northeast.

Thanks Benny

9/1/1999 3:22pm ET
We have players that are willing to belong on a team for tournaments in Florida. We have great playing experience from winning tournaments such as Air-It-Out and other city league tournaments just like Air-It-Out.We have 5 receivers, 2 quarterbacks, 3 cornerbacks, and one center.

9/1/1999 12:36pm ET
I have a 7-man team and I'm looking for any advice on what the best D-fence and some unstoppable Offensive plays would be. If anyone knows any web sites or has any info for me please drop me an email....Thanks!
R. Pendergrass CT.

8/31/1999 5:56pm ET
peter nower and anyone else in the new haven area interested in joining a flag football team in the new haven area come down to our first practice at eli whitney high school's soccer field in Hamden, Ct. Our practice is Saturday, September 4th 1999 at 2:00pm. All positions are open. For more information e-mail r-pendergrass @ snet.net
p.s. also looking for a coach, talented team with plenty of speed

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