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Tee Zee

8/18/2000 2:43pm ET
Homey is a spammer. Ignore him.

8/17/2000 4:25pm ET
Does anyone out ther have any plays the can give me? I am starting an team and really don't know where to start as far as plays are concerned.

8/16/2000 4:26pm ET
A New Sport for flagfootball players. "POLAR BALL - PASS FOOTBALL", for more info go to www.polarball.com

8/16/2000 2:14pm ET
You all should check this site out http://www.geocities.com/flag_football_guru

It has FREE plays and a play of the month, plus the ability to submit your own play. When you are done check it out.

I have been playing flag for 6 year and this is got the possibility of being a great site. For starters it looks great
Cliff Berner

8/13/2000 9:02pm ET
I'm looking for any tournaments in the state of Florida!! If anyone could help me it would be Great! Thanks in advance


8/13/2000 7:41pm ET
does anybody have any plays for 5 on 5 flagfootball, please e-mail me

8/12/2000 2:38am ET
I am starting a team of 8 on 8 flag football in ohio and I dont have a clue on what kind of plays to use if any one can help out it would be welcomed thanks

8/11/2000 4:43pm ET
I'm looking for a flag football league to play in. I live in royal palm beach, florida. If any has information on any leagues in this area please let me know.

8/8/2000 9:42pm ET
Looking for plyers to join a team in Atlanta

8/8/2000 9:33pm ET
ohio flag football teams there is another league opening it's doors . shadow league begins it's fall season in mid september. the location of games is columbus ,ohio-sunday mornings. this is a 8 man elegible . if your ready to play drop a return letter of interests .

8/7/2000 5:03pm ET
I am a 25 year old athletic male, interested in playing flag football in the west palm beach, fl area. please let me know i have a flexible schedule.
Bay Area Flag Football

7/31/2000 7:50pm ET
Bay Area Flag Football
Leagues, teams, and tournaments located in the SF Bay Area and Northern California.
Bay Area Flag Football

7/31/2000 7:48pm ET
Bay Area Flag Football
Leagues, teams, and tournaments located in the SF Bay Area and Northern California.

7/25/2000 2:39am ET
Does anyone know of a 5 on 5 In the zone tournament coming anywhere soon or have the national tour's schedule? Actually, any 5 on 5 info. would be appreciated, thx.

7/22/2000 9:58pm ET
I am looking to join a flag football team in Raleigh, NC. Does anyone know of one?

7/21/2000 6:19pm ET
Second Year coach looking for help to coach Defense. We got killed last year, and are looking to step up on the other side of the ball.
Monty Harris

7/21/2000 9:33am ET
NORTH JERSEY SPORTS Flag Football in Paterson looking for teams to join. A league - 9-man, B- league 8-man. Check out website for more information. http://community-2.webtv.net/NJ-SPORTS/doc/index.html
Free Things

7/19/2000 6:20pm ET
FREE THINGS offers a large selection of great items that are free to the public. Go to http://www.angelfire.com/sc2/freethings

Monte Harris

7/19/2000 1:27pm ET
9-man Tournament in Paterson, NJ on August 26th and 27th. Call Monte Harris at 973-742-3941 to join or if you have questions.
Ryan Hoffman

7/19/2000 12:11pm ET
We are attempting to purchase some flags. We cannot locate any company who sales and prints (fraternity letters) on the flags. We are interested in the "break away belts", the belts that have the flags attached for life, and when the flag is pulled the entire belt comes off. We have been using the same old flags for 7++ years, please email me a company name.

7/18/2000 8:04pm ET
Jroc - Please send information on your league.
Robert Loring

7/18/2000 12:31pm ET
Looking for team to play with in los angeles area this fall. Played one year in college. Please email me if looking for another player or starting a team. rloring@peh.com. 310-712-1850. Robert Loring
INMS international corporate

7/18/2000 5:12am ET
An international trade business information center to provide business opportunities of exchanging buyers/suppliers inquiries multiple search engin design to serve different requirements.

7/16/2000 11:25pm ET
My sports promotional company is looking to establish a national flag football league, with conferences in cities that worship flag football like the Pope does the church. Serious players, teams and tournament/league directors should contact me immediately. Let's network and elevate flag football to another level.

7/16/2000 11:20pm ET
Looking for flag football teams that want to play football in the Michigan Flag Football League in September 2000. Interested contact me.

Coed, Mens, Womens, Youth, Kids

7/16/2000 11:15pm ET
The Premier Flag Football Association, a new semi-pro flag league in Michigan, is currently searching for competitive adult flag football players to draft onto one our official 16 league franchises for the fall season beginning in September 2000. Please feel free to contact us as soon as possible for a tryout date.

7/15/2000 1:13pm ET
Does anyone have any information on Flag Football Leagues in Southern Orange County?

Please let me know.


7/14/2000 4:14pm ET
Good news, the Independent Flag Football League in Northern Virginia, is now running a fall season with Saturday games played in DC, and Sunday games played in Fairfax County. My team has played in many area leagues, and we always preferred the IFFL league. Unfortunately, they never offered a fall season-until now. The phone number for the IFFL is Vi703-486-2221.
Tim andrews

7/13/2000 10:36pm ET
i am a 24 year old football player interested in playing 8 on 8 flag football here in oklahoma. i have played one season with a team from norman, ok. i would like to play again as soon as possible. i played a variety of positions except for being a quaterback. e- mail me if you need a player for your team. i live here in okc.

7/12/2000 12:47pm ET
I am looking for flag teams in South Jersey/Philadelphia area. Two guys, both skill players in college, looking to hook up with a team. The other guy, not myself played pro bowl in Europe for a season. Any league information would be greatly appreciated!

7/10/2000 9:34pm ET
I'm Looking for some OL/DL players to play in a league in Northern New Jersey Anyone interested in joining please Email me ASAP

7/10/2000 4:02pm ET
I'm looking for information on a flag football teams in Michigan. Wayne, Oakland or Macomb County. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

7/10/2000 2:13pm ET
So are there any flag tournys out there in the midwest besides Chicago? I'm from Nebraska and I would love to play in them, so please, If you know of any tell me.


7/10/2000 12:25pm ET
Do you need Game Winning Flag Football Plays?

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7/9/2000 9:59am ET
FLAG FOOTBALL lEAUGUE IN fLORIDA The New Port Richey Recreation Department once again will be holding it's annual 7 0n 7 screen Flag football season this October. The league consits of a 12 game season and a double elimination tournament and the cost per team is $250.00. All games are played Sunday mornings. For more information please contact me Steve @ (727) 841-4560 between the hours of 2-10 M-f...
Jim Goodrum

7/7/2000 4:52pm ET
I'm looking for some serious flag/touch football players to play on a somewhat formed team in the chicago area. We've lost players over the last two season due to different reason and would like to add out the core of the team. Serious players only. We hate to lose. E-Mail at Big_Jim_9@yahoo.com.

7/6/2000 9:27pm ET
Need Flagfootball teams for new league Indianapolis In.

e-mail efo71@hotmail.com
or call 3176039075

7/6/2000 9:22pm ET
Flag football in Indianapolis In looking for PLAYERS and TEAMS

call 317-603-9075

7/6/2000 10:45am ET
Looking for a different flag/touch football league in the chicago land area. Sport and Social Clubs in the area have no idea what football is about and would like to join something more exciting. Also, any team looking for a classic pocket passer, let me know.

7/5/2000 2:33am ET

7/5/2000 2:33am ET
wade burch

7/4/2000 12:56pm ET
i am running a 4 on 4 tournament july 22 bring 6 cost is $60. if interested contact me at (918)341-9460.
Casper Kan Chang

7/4/2000 5:26am ET
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7/1/2000 9:41pm ET
Need Flag football plays? Need a good Offense or a good defense? Having trouble beating a zone defense? Having trouble beating any kind of defense? Having trouble stopping any kind of offense?
Looking for something to turn your team around or take you over the top? Want to tear up your league?
Just started a team and need help becoming a dominating team?
Go to http://www.flagfootballplays.com

6/29/2000 4:57pm ET
Just started my own 8 on 8 team in Kalamazoo,MI area any body looking to play on team. I have joined the MRPA league anyone in area want to play email me.

6/27/2000 6:39pm ET
Long Island, NY
July 22/23, 2000
Largest Summer Flag Football tournament since 1990!

Call (800)371-8820

6/27/2000 1:59am ET
I quarterback a good 5-on-5 team in Orange County. I am looking for someone to trade offensive and defensive plays with...mostly we need defense. Please e-mail me to arrange some trading...

6/26/2000 9:56am ET
North New Jersey team looking for quality players to join an already good team. Looking for DL, OL, WR for the Fall 2000 season.
Mario Garcia

6/19/2000 12:06pm ET
8man screen Flag football Tournament
2nd Annual "Battle at the Border"
Eagle Pass, Texas (140 miles SW of San Antonio, Tx.)
Entry Fee: $150
Class B only
Pro-Sports format rules
July 22-23, 2000
For More information call Mario Garcia
at (830) 758-1509 e-mail: mgarcia87@hotmail.com
Pass 4 Cash $2000 Results

6/18/2000 5:21pm ET
Pass 4 Cash $2000 4 on 4 Flag Football Tournament Results:

The tournament where CASH is KING!

Once again the Pass 4 Cash Tourney was a fun and exciting challenge for all teams involved. 9 teams competed in Jacksonville Florida for the guaranteed prize purse. All teams showed great sportsmanship and dedication for good clean hard playing football.

In the finals:
Seminoles of Jacksonville, FL defeated ICM Printing from Ocala, FL (13-6).

In the semi finals:
ICM Printing defeated Mayhem (Ducks) of Jacksonville, FL
Seminoles of Jacksonville, FL defeated Raw Talent of Miami, FL.
Congratulations to our top 4 finalists it was a great final 4 and a great tournament all around.

Team Final Standings:
1. Seminoles - Jacksonville, FL

2. ICM Printing Ocala, FL
Tied 3. Mayhem (Ducks) Jacksonville, FL & Raw Talent Miami, FL
5. Players Jacksonville, FL
6. Playmakers Jacksonville, FL
7. Tap Out Jacksonville, FL
8. All Americans Orlando, FL
9. Ringers Orlando, FL

Once again congratulations to our top finalists.

We would also like to thank all 9 teams for playing a clean & exciting tournament. Playing top competition for CASH is always exciting. Please look for our future tournament dates and block out your schedule early.

Pass 4 Cash Staff

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