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shirt tales

5/24/2001 3:25am ET
Please visit the website for some great deals on all sorts of jerseys!

5/22/2001 3:55pm ET
Does anyone know of a good website to the ball and socket flags?

Also, we are looking for teams in the Houston area to scrimmage throught the year.

PLease email me if you have any answers.

5/22/2001 12:12pm ET
our team is struggling and we're looking for some 4 on 4 plays. any help would be appreciated.

5/20/2001 3:28pm ET
Looking for 6 or 7 player leagues in Baltimore/DC area. If ya have any info, please email...thanks!

5/13/2001 11:31pm ET
I live in montgomery county in pennslyvania. Just outside of philadelphia and have noticed that there are no flag leagues in this area.
There are a number of rough touch leagues but no flag. If anyone knows of any leagues close to this area could you please drop me a note.



5/7/2001 8:52pm ET
Plese let me know if anyone knows of any leagues coming up in the sacramento area. Thank you
charlie townsend

5/2/2001 6:34pm ET
I am looking for any league or tournament in the Jacksonville,Florida area to get in with my team, or possibly in the orlando area, somewhere close by. If u have any info email me please. thanks

5/1/2001 3:55pm ET
This is a pretty informative site. I especially like the animations of the plays...What kinds of formations do you guys use. Is it one basic or do you have lots of formations you use....

You guys might be interested in my play generator...Still *MUCH* work to do but here is the demo of it...

frank ornelas

5/1/2001 11:55am ET
need a defense
Ed Batist

4/30/2001 1:29pm ET
Are there any teams/leagues here in the West L.A. area? If so, e-mail me at ebatistiii@hotmail.com
shadow league

4/29/2001 11:47pm ET
shadow league 8 man flag football unleashes the spring season .If you live in ohio or traveling suits you, come check out the action.Columbus,ohio will show you what having fun is all about.If your a individual looking for a team come grow with the wildcats, but hurry season will be here before you know it . T27 has never been more powerful .. slff .... who will it be ? get your team on the wagon and hold on .
Juan Carlos

4/27/2001 2:11pm ET
Tochito is a kind of flag football that we play in Mexico.
Visit our page:

Utah Flag Football League

4/26/2001 4:16pm ET
A league is starting in the Wasatch Front area this fall. We are looking for teams from Provo up to Ogden. If interested, please contact us and we will respond with-in 24 hrs.
Ed Batist

4/26/2001 11:55am ET
I'm looking for some organized teams here in Southern California, preferably in West L.A. I am a speedy receiver with good PR, KR, and coverage ability.

4/25/2001 1:56pm ET
I'm trying to find ANYPLACE that sells football flags in a bundle (12-24 flags, two different colors) but have been unable to locate anything of the sort. Help would be greatly appreciated.

4/25/2001 10:06am ET
Looking for players in North Jersey(Clifton)!! Season started April 22nd. Need Offensive and Defensive Linemen. If interested email.

4/24/2001 12:26pm ET
i need plays e-mail bigsexy152@hotmail.com

4/19/2001 7:51pm ET
looking for a QB in the central florida area ...E-mail if your interested

4/16/2001 8:49pm ET
My 6 on 6 team in Folsom needs a solid QB and another fast guy that can catch and cover. We play on FieldTurf, which is 10X better than astroturf. Pop me an email if you're looking to join a team.
John House

4/10/2001 12:39am ET
If there is any one in the Pensacola FL. area,is interested in starting up a FLAG FOOTBALL team to play in near by tournaments and inercite leags,pleas email me for more info.THANKS

4/5/2001 10:22am ET
I'm looking for players in the Chicago area who want to start up a flag/touch football team.

4/5/2001 8:41am ET
I am looking for flag football leagues in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area..
Stan Veasley

4/4/2001 4:26pm ET
"It's on now! We ready!" "It's on now! We ready!" Dallas Metroplex are you ready to catch the HOTTEST pass thrown to the Metroplex? I welcome you to the M F L (Metroplex Flagfootball League)! This is a high scoring, intercepting, kick off returning, open hand blocking League that will have you loving the game again! You ask and you shall receive! So DFW can you catch it?

M F L has already started the Spring League with the Summer League to resume right after.( June ) So any teams interested in joining the Summer League or would like information about the "M F L get it Crunk weekend TOURNAMENT" please feel to email the League at metrofootball@hotmail.com

larry stern

3/31/2001 2:06pm ET
will be moving to south florida in a few months anyone have info on flag leagues
Bay Area Flag Football

3/28/2001 4:20am ET
Flag Football leagues, tournaments, and teams in the San Francisco Bay Area. Check out our site ad www.sethut.com

3/27/2001 6:11pm ET
Hi, We need a Seattle area QB,

Our QB has decided to move to Arizona, so we need a new QB, we
have a great team and prefer someone with experience, a good
arm, and quickness. You must be able to make 1 practice a week.
Its a great team, after finishing 4th last year and 3rd the yr
before, its our time. If you would like to try-out you can email
me at robsanders40@hotmail.com

3/26/2001 2:12pm ET
I am new in the knoxville, TN. area. I have played Flag Football for several years and would be a terrific pickup for a flag football team. If you know of any teams that need help please respond. lrm23@aol.com

3/22/2001 12:08am ET
anyone have 4on4 plays email me @ assman4444@aol.com thanks

3/21/2001 10:06am ET
I have a up and coming team in Atlanta and am looking for some defensive help as we prepare for a new season and out of town tournaments. Specific needs are DL/Rushers and LB's. If interested leave your name and number at 404-359-0309.

3/20/2001 11:05am ET
Hello. I live in the south subs of Chicago. I've been looking for a flag football league in my area for quite some time with no luck. I was wondering if someone has any information about leagues in this area.

3/19/2001 8:24pm ET
hello, i am a 16 year old boy that wants to play flag football. i am a good blocker and good weight...i can catch and have a lot of knowledge of the game..i cant never stop of thinking of plays and want to play badly. i live in baltimore maryland(dundalk)..if theres any info. please email me asap...thank you
Shane Wilhelm

3/19/2001 5:51pm ET
I am looking for a contact lead in Virgina.I have a team that is interested playing anyone in the state.

3/16/2001 7:12pm ET
Are there any leagues in the Los Angeles Area? Me and some others at my co want to form/join one. Particularly in West LA. Will someone please give me a lead!!!!
San Diego

3/16/2001 12:41am ET
Charlie Taylor

3/13/2001 2:48pm ET
The new Detroit Fury of the Arena Football League will be holding a 4 - on - 4 flag football tournament, "Turf Wars 2001," on May 5th and 6th at The Palace of Auburn Hills.

All participants will play on the Fury Turf, play 3-games, receive a t-shirt, game tickets, coupons for discounts on Fury Merchandise and a disposalble camera.

For more information, contact Kristy Kufel at 248.377.8746. Deadline for entry is April 30, 2001

3/10/2001 2:06am ET
I am 33 and live in Hawaii. I have been looking for a flag football league for a year with no luck. Can anyone popint me in the right direction? Thanks!
Bill Goldman

3/7/2001 11:12am ET
DC/MD/VA FLAG FOOTBALL ACTION! The UFL is currently accepting individual players, teams and referees for our adult recreational indoor arena flag league. All skill levels are welcome! Interested in registering or have questions? Visit our website at www.recleagues.com or call 703/851-3332.
David C. Mack

3/3/2001 4:56pm ET
You can signup for a free flag football newsletter at:


Please fill out all information accurately. The newsletters will be distributed weekly during flag football leagues and once every 3 weeks in between seasons.

Tournament & League information will be discussed. You can send info that you want published (including pictures, stories, etc.) to flaginfo@amaftfl.com.

David C. Mack

3/3/2001 4:52pm ET
National Championships that were played in Atlanta, GA


Come see http://www.amaftfl.com for the most advanced Flag Football Web Site on the Internet !!

Online Stats, Rosters Entered Online(can be viewed by other teams), Referee's Corner, Enabled message board, notes, news, and much much more.

Stop by and give us your feedback. You can signup for our online newsletter or get on our mailing list at:


Thanks and have a great day !!

David C. Mack
AFTFL Assistant National Commissioner
Flag Football Guru

2/28/2001 6:10pm ET
Currently the 7-man playbook has been flying off the shelves. Make sure you pick up your playbook which has a new introductory price of only $8.00! That $8.00 is for over 40 top 7-Man flag football plays. Dont miss out on this great offer. By mid March the price will change. Also email me your play, and if yours gets picked for the Month of March you will win a free playbook.
New Jersey Rottweilers

2/27/2001 6:20pm ET
Attn: Community/ Sports Bulletin Boards

For Immediate release: March 1, 2001

Football Players Wanted!

The New Jersey Rottweilers a senior amateur (semi-pro) football team of the North East Football Association seeks Players, Coaches, Sponsors and anybody else willing to help! Players must be over the age of 18 for the upcoming 2001 season. Open tryouts will be March 25, 2001, rain or shine @ 8 am. Location: Rahway River Park, Rahway, NJ. Cost:$25 registration fee.

Training camp will be in June. Season begins in September. Home Games will be played at Seilders Field, Plainfield, NJ.
CONTACT: njrottweilers@aol.com or 732-446-6851
jason orona

2/27/2001 1:31pm ET
Nick Knowlton

2/25/2001 10:24pm ET
In need of a flag league in Pittsburgh, PA. I played in Charlotte for 4 years, need to find a similar league here. Beer drinking afterwards a plus. Please let me know if any of you are aware of any leagues up here.
Garden State Flag Footbal

2/23/2001 7:34pm ET
Garden State Flag Football Association (GSFFA)
2001 Rahway Spring Flag Football League
(Strats April 1st)
Field Location: Rahway River Park, Rahway, NJ
Styles Of Play
Men's 9 on 9
Styles of Play:
NFL line blocking....NFL style of play!
The registration deadline is Sunday Mar. 18, 2001. All entries must be postmarked by midnight. The cost for the League is:
$1500 9-Man (covers everthing!)
First place team will receive $1500 prize & team/individual trophies.

Thomas Paulikas, GSFFA President

Juan Piper

2/21/2001 5:13pm ET
I am new to the Norfolk, VA area and I am trying to find out is there a flag football team anywhere in the area. I played flag football down in Columbia, South Carolina before I moved here. As a matter of fact, me former team The Silver Spurs won the Super Bowl and the Jagged Ice Tournament, GO SILVER SPURS. I miss playing, so if there is anybody that have any information about this please e-mail me or call me at
757-462-8001. Thanks.
Looking for Players

2/21/2001 4:16pm ET
Looking for Defensive and Offensive Linemen in North New Jersey. If interested email.
Mike Russo

2/19/2001 12:24pm ET
I'm looking for any flag or touch football teams in the Maryland area. I'm 22yrs old, 6'0, 170lbs, good speed, great hands. I'm just need to play the game, any team in need of a receiver/DB email me at wopper23@msn.com
Andrea Troutman

2/19/2001 10:17am ET
You can signup for a free flag football newsletter at:


Please fill out all information accurately. The newsletters will be distributed weekly during flag football leagues and once every 3 weeks in between seasons.

Tournament & League information will be discussed. You can send info that you want published (including pictures, stories, etc.) to flaginfo@amaftfl.com.

Flag Football Plays!

2/17/2001 3:41pm ET
Need Flag football plays? Need a good Offense or a good defense? Having trouble beating a zone defense? Having trouble beating any kind of defense? Having trouble stopping any kind of offense?
Looking for something to turn your team around or take you over the top? Want to tear up your league?
Just started a team and need help becoming a dominating team?
Go to http://www.flagfootballplays.com
todd kaufmann

2/17/2001 2:21pm ET
I live in Philly and am looking for a flag or "rough tough" league to join. Can anyone out there give me some contacts. Thanks tk

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