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Joe Eoff

6/26/2002 1:43am ET
Flag FootBall Fans here is some thing for you. get your fans Cap, T-Shirt etc. on discount from the link below.
For Flag Football Fan's
Flag Football Magazine

6/16/2002 1:12pm ET
Team USA Flag Football - Completes European Tour
A jubilant English team and a spiced up Spanish squad gave Team USA all it could handle as the Americans wrapped up their European Tour in June.

Team USA, who made the trip to promote the 2003 World Cup of Flag Football in the Caribbean in February, gave England and Spain a chance to tune-up prior to the World Cup with a few tournament appearances in each country.

A contingent of nine Americans started their tour at the England Challenge tournament in Derby, England, just north of the nation’s capitol city, London, on June 1 and 2.

Team USA strolled through a 5-man no contact tournament on June 1, finishing 6-0 after a comfortable 24-0 victory over Derby’s Dream Team in the finals.

Team USA’s Jim Zimolka picked apart a few stingy English defenses for a tournament-high 20 touchdown passes, en route to MVP honors.

The 9-man tournament was not as easy for the Americans, who waited through a two-hour delay as the pride of England’s native football program (soccer) took the pitch against Team Sweden in a World Cup pool play match in Saitama, Japan. England managed a 1-1 tie, and the flag football 9-man no contact, double-elimination tournament resumed play following the game.

Team USA battled its way into the championship game unscathed at 3-0 and was in a tight-knit fight for the tournament title until the last five minutes of the game.

Clinging to a 7-6 lead over Scotland (Stirling Clansmen), Team USA looked to teammate and Englishman Butch Ebo to provide the victory. Ebo responded by snatching a touchdown pass for the American team, who scored one more time to earn a 20-6 victory.

Butch, who is from England, played for Team USA in place of an injured player, and was the tournament’s MVP.

International Flag Football Federation (IFFF) president Jim Zimolka said he was pleased with the competition his USA team faced in England and the progress of the English squads. He also thanked his English hosts, who housed and transported them during their stay.

“The English took great of us … ” Zimolka said. “England has shown great improvement since the World Cup tournament (earlier this year) and several more are playing the sport as it is growing at a surprising pace. They now have the experience of the game which will make them a decent threat at this next year’s World Cup.”

After observing the Queen Elizabeth’s 50th-year jubilee festival, the American team departed for the Spanish Challenge in Madrid, Spain.

The Spanish proved to be an immediate threat to oust Team USA for the first time during the European Tour, but experience proved to be a valuable asset for the Americans.

Team USA opened the tournament against Team Tulenaur, considered Spain’s best flag football team. The rugged tackle football players-turned-flag pullers appeared to be the favorite with height and speed, and a strong-armed collegiate quarterback on their side.

But Team USA’s knowledge of the sport spoiled a victory by the native team, as they easily beat Tulenaur 38-12. The Americans escaped pool play at 4-0 and in the first round of the playoffs shutout the Old Stars 38-0 to proceed to the championship game.

A savvier Team Tulenaur awaited a rematch with the USA in the title game, but their inexperience was still too much to overcome as they lost 38-19.

Team USA’s Jim Wilson, who scored four touchdowns in the championship game and 10 throughout the tournament, was selected the tournament MVP. Arty Hazard’s defensive presence was also felt, as he was awarded defensive MVP for his five interceptions.

“I was impressed with the talent in Spain,” Zimolka said. “The talent here is much better than we expected. With a little more experience Spain will be a strong contender at the World Cup.”

Zimolka said that although they were in Europe to inform and instruct squads in England and Spain in preparation for the 2003 World Cup, the teams he saw were well versed and ready for international competition. About 16 to 20 international teams will compete at the World Cup and experience provided on the European Tour should give some teams an edge in February.

The World Cup-style 9-man competition will feature three ineligible linemen, which should help make it easier for international squads to adjust to the competition.

Zimolka added that competition in Madrid was only a small portion of what Spain has to offer.

“Talent in Spain was good,” Zimolka said. “The better talent is in Barcelona, we were in Madrid.”

The Americans were treated to a party atmosphere at both sites during the trip, and despite a few scares on the left side of the road in England, parties and fairs in England and Spain provided a relaxing relief between competitions.

Photos on
Flag Football Magazine

Team USA FLag Football Roster
1.Steve Wiggin-Marshfield, MA- OL/DL
2. John Wiggin-Marshfield, MA-QB/TE
3. Kevin Kurek-Cleveland, OH-DL/RB
4. Joe Adamson-Napa CA-WR/DB
5. Jim Wilson-Londonderry, NH-WR/DB
7. Brandy Mariani -Manchster,NH-WR/DB
8. Arty Hazard-Derry, NH-WR/DB
9. Jim Zimolka-Londonderry,NH-QB/RB

Team USA/FlagMag will travel to

July 13/14th-
Montreal Canada

Aug 2/3rd

Sept 1-4th

FlagMag/USA will take a Men's and a Women's team to this tournament.
If you would like to play for this team please contact

Flag Football Magazine's President
Jim Zimolka
Lynn WEIRDWOLF Schmidt

6/13/2002 4:55pm ET
Dear Flag Footballers,

I just wanted to let everybody know about a statistics software program, which might be useful to your flag football league. This program was originally developed for one of our clients to provide them with a way to keep track of league stats for an electric football league. Upon completing our development we realized that this program could be beneficial for a number of different football leagues such as college, semi-pro teams and flag football leagues such as yourself.
If your league or team would like the ability to track player, team, division, conference and league stats I would encourage you to review our sample site at www.systen.com/efl under the stats link.
Our software has the ability to track all personal and team stats as well as individual game stats and results and is extremely easy to use while providing automatic updating of all year to date stats. Our stats program is also very economical and can be customized to fit your league.
If you like what you see, please send me an e-mail. I will e-mail you a password and take you on a personal online tour of the backend operation of our stats program.

Lynn D. Schmidt
Systen, L.L.C.
9875 Widmer Road
Lenexa, Kansas 66215
(913) 492-6024
e-mail: lschmidt@systen.com

Home site: www.systen.com
Statistics site: www.systen.com/efl
Football Fan site: www.footballsfans.com
Electric Football site: www.gpefl.com

Javier Jenkins

6/11/2002 10:51am ET
I am looking for a flag football league that my 17 year old son can play in. He has played football for 10 years. His current high school does not carry a football team. If you know of a league in the metro Atlanta area please contact me at:jjenki7@bellsouth.net
Javier Jenkins

6/11/2002 10:48am ET
My son will be 17 in August. He has played football for 10 years. We are currently searching for a flag football league in the metro Atlanta area. If anyone knows of a league please contact us at: jjenki7@bellsouth.net. Thanks!

5/30/2002 11:42pm ET
Herb Sayas

5/30/2002 1:37am ET
Leagues...leagues...my kingdom for a league...me and a few other guys are looking for a league/team to join up on in the DC/Baltimore/Va area...Help us!

5/27/2002 3:12pm ET

I was looking to start my own flag football team, or join one. I was wondering if any one had any info on this. If you do please e-mail me fast.

Jay Higgins

5/26/2002 8:02pm ET
Im looking for a 12 year old male or co- ed team in the New England/Boston area if you have any info on this please, please e-mail me. Please. I have plenty of exerience and will play any where, i dont care. have a good arm, good hand, prity good speed, and not, afrade to risk life and lim to score or to catch a ball.

Jay H.

5/26/2002 7:37pm ET
Hey everyone. Im lookin for a team in New England area. if anyone has any info on this please e-mail me. I am 12 and a male.

Gwenn Parikh

5/10/2002 5:22pm ET
Can anyone provide information for a company looking to join a co-ed league in the Fort Worth, Texas area?

5/8/2002 2:22pm ET

I'am making a site of the WK2002 and
I'm looking for foto's of annything.
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Can you help me for some foto's?


5/8/2002 3:52am ET
Looking for team in San Francisco Bay Area. I left my team in LA. Played 2 seasons Division 1 DB and QB in all leagues since then. Open to play any position. Just want a game.


5/5/2002 8:07pm ET
Do you need a team to play against for practice? My team could use the practice. If you want to come down play a quick game of 7 on 7 all male, email me, I could schedule a game. In the east bay location of California. Oakland, Hayward district.


5/3/2002 9:53am ET
established team looking for top notch
players very serious only apply
all fees paid uniforms provided
illinois area competitve league and
tournaments.drop me a line

5/1/2002 5:09pm ET
Can someone please send me information about flag football leagues in central New Jersey, especially near Highland Park, Edison, or New Brunswick? I would really like to join a league for the spring/summer. Thank you for your help.
Flag Football Magazine

4/30/2002 12:33pm ET
Team USA Flag Football has four Roster Spots open for the England tour and Spain Tour.
The cost for England is around ($500) and Spain only another $100. You can play in both or pick one one to participate in.

If your interested in playing for Team USA at one of the tournaments, please
contact Jim Zimolka
email-JimZimolka@FlagFootballplayer.com or call 603-437-0108

Team USA will play in

June 1/2nd-England Challenge
9Man-Contact and 5 Man No Contact

June 8/9th- Spain Challenge
5 man No Contact

July 13/14th-Canadian Challenge
7man & 4Man No Contact

August 2/3rd-Mexican Challenge

Spet 2/3rd-Ukraine
9Man-Contact & 4Man-No Contact

for more info please visit
the World Cup of Flag Football web site


Flag Football Magazine

4/26/2002 6:55pm ET
Need to know if there are teams in SANTA BARBARA CA that need another player. Hit me up! I love the game. I'm kind of quick, intelligent, plays defense and offense well. Hit me up.

4/26/2002 1:29am ET
i need some plays for 4 on 4 off and def plays if you can help.. much appreciated

4/22/2002 6:58pm ET
Just recently got into a 5 0n 5 flag league. We have no trouble scoring, but we cant D it up. If someone is willing to offer advice to play zone D, I'll take it anyway I can. Much appreciated!!!

4/18/2002 11:43am ET
if any one has plays for 5-5 or 7-7 and would like to share can you please email me the plays. IF you need something put it in the email and i will try to help. thanks

4/15/2002 8:05pm ET
I'd like to trade 4-on-4 plays with someone. Or if you have any you'd like to share, email me.


4/15/2002 12:56pm ET
I just started a 7 on 7 flag football team we had our first game we were killed. I need help mainly Defense but offense also. Please E-mail me any PLAYS or STRATEGIES ASAP THANKS.
Andrew Nielsen

4/15/2002 1:52am ET
Anybody know of any teams needing an extra player in the upcoming Hermosa Beach, CA season...Could you email me if you do.



4/12/2002 11:59am ET
Does anyone have any 5 on 5 defensive plays or advice. we are getting smoked.


4/11/2002 8:19pm ET
HELP! I need to join a flag football team. I am in Seattle, WA and I can't find a league. Can anyone tell me about a league I can play in, or a team I can join? Please, I used to play all the time, great quaterback or anything else you need.

4/10/2002 11:36am ET
i am looking for some solide offensive plays for the 4 on 4 leagues. need help my team sucks!!!!!!
Flag Football Guru

4/5/2002 2:10pm ET

The Guru is now selling Flag football belts. It is the Triple Threat Belt. For only $4.50 a piece. A minimum order of 10 is rqrd. EIGHT colors to choose from. Get your team's now.


3/29/2002 12:37pm ET
Ever hear of the SPOOF? It's one of the up-and-coming Flag Football Leagues in the NorthEast. Flag Football Weekly has named it the "Most Competitive Flag Football League" for two years in a row.

3/21/2002 2:43am ET
sorry e mail was wrong on last one.

3/21/2002 2:42am ET
hey, i have a team in the phoenix area(full roster) i am tired of getting the shit whipped out of us. is there anyone with stricktly 8 man plays and defensive strat. please let me know.

3/14/2002 2:28pm ET
The M F L of Dallas, TX. would like all teams to participate in our summer tournments to be held in July! It will be a 8 on 8 format, must have 3 linemen with any 1 of the 3 being eligible. This is a fast and growing league and looking for competion throughout the United States! So if you think you got what it takes or just like to travel to compete in Tournaments than visit us at http://mfl.i8.com more details about upcoming Tournaments coming soon. To get on the M F L distrubution list email the league at metrofootball@hotmail.com

We also will post your Tournament info on our site and would like to compete in different Tournaments that 8 or 9 men contact style! So check us out so we can you all out!

3/11/2002 7:07pm ET
All Flag Football Teams in KENTUCKY!!!

Tournament COMING SOON!!!

Reply for more deatils!!!

3/10/2002 9:13am ET
Rookie coach looking for some 7 on 7 non contact plays. Basic or complex doesn't matter.

3/6/2002 12:19pm ET

3/5/2002 10:19am ET
Looking to start a 8-man All-eligable flag leauge in Bend , Oregon. If anyone can give my a heads up on where to start. I could use the help.
Mark Rose

3/3/2002 1:32pm ET
just joined a mens 7 on 7 league and need to get some plays together. If anybody has a couple they wouldn't mind throwing my way please do. Thank you

3/1/2002 4:05pm ET
Email me if your interested in the North American Spring Bowl flag football tournament. Tourney is 8 man eligible and there is cash prizes for the division winners.Tournament is held in Kamloops BC just north of Vancouver.Join teams from western Canada and USA to see who will be this years North American Champion.

2/26/2002 12:22pm ET
Looking for some solid 4 on 4 plays if you have any you would like to share please send me some

2/25/2002 3:26pm ET
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4D Productions

2/22/2002 9:59am ET
Very experienced LB/CB whos played on State Championship level teams in Florida,(ELVIS LIVES) relocated to Raleigh, NC...Does anyone know of any teams or leagues in the Triangle Area..Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill?

2/10/2002 11:11pm ET
I'm looking for a flag football team to play on in Columbus, Ohio.

2/7/2002 10:52am ET
Looking for new ideas? Looking for strategy? Looking for a playbook to put your team over the top? Well look no further. I have got the cheapest playbook for the best value. $16.00 gets you defensive strategies and plays. Plus over 40 7-man plays. This playbook has worked for many teams, and has featured a team in the 1997 7-man Flag National Championship in New Orleans.

Visit the site for more information:

2/7/2002 7:36am ET
Looking for some sweet 4 on 4 offensive plays..
David C. Mack

2/6/2002 10:35pm ET
This guy registered the Black Magic 7-Man Team in a tournament in Atlanta with a fradulent credit card. Paypal and local authorities have been notified and charges will be pressed. I strongly suggest you watch taking any form of payment other than cash from this guy. Black Magic has NO FAULT in this situation as they thought their registration was being paid because of a tournament they had won that Derek sponsored. Derek plays for Delray Express. I am warning people because he basically has stiffed me for $500. I tried to handle the situation like a man, and actually call Derek and assume it was an honest mistake. However, if someone ducks your phone calls, gives excuses, etc. for 2 weeks then I would assume that they are not telling the truth. I am posting this so that nobody else gets burned.
David C. Mack

2/6/2002 10:35pm ET
This guy registered the Black Magic 7-Man Team in a tournament in Atlanta with a fradulent credit card. Paypal and local authorities have been notified and charges will be pressed. I strongly suggest you watch taking any form of payment other than cash from this guy. Black Magic has NO FAULT in this situation as they thought their registration was being paid because of a tournament they had won that Derek sponsored. Derek plays for Delray Express. I am warning people because he basically has stiffed me for $500. I tried to handle the situation like a man, and actually call Derek and assume it was an honest mistake. However, if someone ducks your phone calls, gives excuses, etc. for 2 weeks then I would assume that they are not telling the truth. I am posting this so that nobody else gets burned.

2/5/2002 8:33pm ET
Just wanted to let anyone interested in The Run 'N' Gun Flag Football League In Boston, MA. Our season starts March 31st with our combine for teams and free agents. Referees wanted! Email
runandgunfootball@hotmail.com or visit
rngfootball.com for more info.

2/5/2002 1:13am ET
Lookig for a men's flag-football league in Lubbock, TX. If anyone knows of one please contact me. Thanks.
Chuck Mound

1/27/2002 8:45pm ET
March 2002 6 on 6 Indoor Flag Football League, 6 weeks at the new Indoor Sports Pavilion in Randolph (New Field Turf). Call the Pavilion in Randolph, all teams welcome.
Flag Football Magazine

1/26/2002 11:24am ET
Jan 19/20th-USFTL Nationals
175 Teams competed
2002 Championship Results

8Man Eligible-A Div-25 Teams

If nec Championship
Cutters 23 Sudden Impact 0

Sudden Impact 20 Cutters 16

Winners bracket Championship
Cutters 8 Dolphins 6

Winners Bracket final four
Cutters 23 Sudden Impact 14;Dolphins 20 Detroit II 0

Winners Bracket final eight
Cutters 24 OSU Raiders 3;Sudden Impact 28 Dominion 6;Dolphins 14 Phenom 11;Detroit II 8 Victors Sports bar 6

Winners Bracket Sweet 16
Cutters 16 Cleveland Dawgs 0;Raiders 30 Saz's 22;Dominion 32 DTI 6;Sudden Impact 16 Hitmen 6;Phenom 14 Predators 11;Dolphins 15 Changa Warriors 8;Victors Sports Bar 8 Dunns 6;Detroit II 8 Vikings 0;

Losers Bracket Final
Sudden Impact 8 Dolphins 6

Losers Bracket 4th place
Sudden impact 12 Raiders 0

Losers Bracket 5th Place
Raiders 20 Detroit II 14-OT;Sudden Impact 29 Hitmen 28

Losers Bracket 7th place
Raiders 22 Predators 19;Hitmen 22 Victors Sports Bar 16

Losers Bracket 9th place
Raiders 19 Dunns 8;predators 12 Dominion 8;Hitmen 16 Phenom 8;Victors Sports Bar 19 Dawgs 0

Losers Bracket 13th place
Dunns 21 Colman Clan 6,Predators 25 Changa Warriors 6;Hitmen def Hippors 14-7;Dawgs def Stars;;Stars 14 Saz's 8

Losers Bracket 1st round
Coleman Clan 21 Vikings 6;Dunns 8 Howard Univ 7;Changa Warriors 20 Colors 14;Predators 24 JP Hair 6;Hitmen def Mac Pact;Hippos def DTI;Dawgs 14 Grey Hounds 0;Stars 14 Saz's 8;Stars/Stripes def Up there-F(late)

Order of Finish-25 Teams
1. Cutters-Laurel,FL-1500-World Cup Points
2. Sudden Impact-Chicago,IL-1000-World Cup Points
3. Dolphins-Wash DC-800-World Cup Points
4. Raiders-Columbus,OH-700-World Cup Points
5. Detroit II-Detroit,MI-600 World Cup Points
5. Hitmen-New Orleans,LA-600 World Cup Points
7. Predators-Cleveland,OH-500 World Cup Points
7. Victors Sports bar-DesMoines,IA-400 World Cup Points
9. Dunns-Madison,WI-200-World Cup Points
9. Dominion-Laurel,MD-200-World Cup Points
9. Phenom-St. Louis,MO-200-World Cup Points
9. Dawgs-Cleveland,OH-200-World Cup Points
13. Coleman Clan-Wash DC-80-World Cup Points
13. Changa Warriors-Columbus,OH-80-World Cup Points
13. Hippos-Pittsburg,PA-80-World Cup Points
13. Stars & Stripes-Buffalo,NY-80-World Cup Points
17. Vikings-Buffalo,NY-80-World Cup Points
17. Howard University-Wash DC-80-World Cup Points
17. Colors-McAllen,TX-80-World Cup Points
17.JP Hair-Madison,WI-80-World Cup Points
17. Maac Pact-Pittsburg,PA-80-World Cup Points
17. DTI-Columbus,OH-80-World Cup Points
17. Greyhounds-Atlanta,GA-80-World Cup Points
17.Saz's Milwaukee,WI-80-World Cup Points
17. Up There-Montreal,Canada-80-World Cup Points

8Man Elgible B -19 Teams
Answer 25 Young Guns 0

Young Guns 16 Answer 11

Winners Bracket Championship
Answer 24 All Met 8

Winners Bracket Final Four
Answer 9 Young Guns 6;All Met 22 Perk Co 0

Winners Bracket final eight
Answer 22 Rockets 17;young Guns 30 Steelers 8;All Met 20 Diehard 19;Perk Co 16 Eastside Chiro 6

Winners Bracket Final 16
Answer 8 MY's 6;Rockets 18 Beavers 13;Steelers 20 Elanos 8;Young Guns 24 Canes 18;Diehard 13 Falcons 12; All Met 16 Jets 6;Perk Co def Giants;Estside Chiro 19 Elite 18

Winners Bracket 1st round
Steelers 22 Hammers 0;Jets 7 Storm 0-F;Giants 14 One Nation 7

Losers Bracket Championship
Young Guns 16 All Met 8

losers Bracket 4th place
Young Guns 32 Perk Co 14

Losers Bracket 5th place
Young Guns 30 Beavers 14;Perk Co 14 Falcons 12

Losers Bracket 7th place
Beavers 16 Elanos 15;Falcons 18 Giants 16

Losers Bracket 9th place
Beavers 14 East Side Chiro 8;Elanos 8 Diehard 6;Falcons 13 Steelers 8;Giants 25 Rockets 14

Losers Bracket 13th Place
Beavers 24 MTS 14;Elanos 15 Canes 12;Falcons 13 JEts 6;Giants 9 Elite 7

Losers Bracket 17th place
MTS 7 Strom 0-F;Canes 28 One Nation 7;Elite 21 Hammers 14

Order of finish
1. Answer-Cleveland,OH-1500-World Cup Points
2. Young Guns-Baltimore,MD-1000-World Cup Points
3. All Met-Wash DC-800-World Cup Points
4. Perk Co-Columbus,OH-700-World Cup Points
5. Beavers-Chicago,IL-600-World Cup Points
5. Falcons-Cleveland,OH-600-World Cup Points
7. Elanos-Dayton,OH-400-World Cup Points
7. Giants-Buffalo,NY-400-World Cup Points
9. Eastside Chiro-Columbus,OH-200-World Cup Points
9. Die Hard-Wash DC-200-World Cup Points
9. Steelers-Denver,CO-200-World Cup Points
9. Rockets-Cleveland,OH-200-World Cup Points
13. MTS-Cleveland,OH-80-World Cup Points
13. Canes-Wash DC-80-World Cup Points
13. Jets-Wash DC-80-World Cup Points
13. Elite-Wash DC-80-World Cup Points
17. One Nation-Wash DC -80-World Cup Points
17. Hammers-Chicago,IL-80-World Cup Points
17. Storm-Toronto,Canada-80-World Cup Points

8Man Eligible C-20 Teams
Sharks 14 Bigwords.com 7

Bigwords.com 22 Sharks 20-OT

Winners Bracket Championship
Sharks 16 Moose 8

Winners Bracket final four
Sharks 16 XMen 6;moose 740- 20 Bigwords.com 14

Winners Bracket Final eight
Sharsk 18 Haggerts 8;XMen 18 Players 16;Moose 740 14 Coyotes 12;Bigwords.com 6 Brothers Pizza 0

Winners Bracket Final 16
Sharks 12 C-Dawgs 0;Haggerts 16 Jaguars 0;Xmen Rumple pigs def Motors;Players def TNT;Chi Coyotes def Dayton Coyotes;Moose 740 def Gladiators;Bigwords.com 29 Kilroys 0;

Winners Bracket First round
Jaguars 20 Nittany Lions 0;Rumple Pigs def Motors;Gladiators def Teutonic Knights; Kilroys 12 Ledo Pizza 6;

Losers Bracket Championship
Bigwords.com 15 Moose 740 14

Losers Bracket 4th place
Bigwords.com 14 Brothers Pizza 12

Losers Bracket 5th place
Brothers Pizza 18 XMen 12;Bigwords.com 20 Players 12

Losers Bracket 7th place
Brothers Pizza 16 Rumple Pigs 6;Players 34 Taggarts 28

Losers Bracket 9th place
Brothers Pizza 16 Dayton Coyotes 14;Rumple 13 Chi Coyotes 12;Players 36 Gladiators 0;Taggarts 28 Madison Motors 19

Losers Bracket 13th Place
Dayton Coyotes 14 Jaguars 0;Rumple pigs 36 Flynn Maruders 0;Gladiators 9 C-Dawgs 0;Madison Motros 29 Kilroys 14

Losers Bracket 17th Place
Dayton Coyotes 20 Teutonic Knights 6;Flynn Maruaders def Ledo Pizza;C-Dawgs 14 Nittany Lions 6;Madison Motors 19 TNT 6

Order of Finish
1.Sharks-Detroit,MI-1500-World Cup Points
2. Bigwords.com-Detroit,MI-1000-World Cup Points
3. Moose 740-Tuscarwarus,OH--800-World Cup Points
4. Three Brothers Pizza-Baltimore,MD--700-World Cup Points
5. X-Men-Cleveland,OH--600-World Cup Points
5. Players Inc-Chicago,IL-600-World Cup Points
7. Rumple Pigs-Chicago,IL--400-World Cup Points
7. Taggarts-Dayton,OH-400-World Cup Points
9. Coyotes-Dayton,OH-200-World Cup Points
9. Coyotes-Chicago,IL-200-World Cup Points
9. Gladiators-Orlando,FL-200-World Cup Points
9. Madison Motors-Finley,OH--200-World Cup Points
13. Jaguars-Atlanta,GA-80-World Cup Points
13. Flynns Maurders-Cleveland,OH--80-World Cup Points
13. C-Dawgs-Clinton,MD--80-World Cup Points
13. Kilroys Black Crows-Chicago,IL--80-World Cup Points
17. Theutonic Knights-Chicago,IL--80-World Cup Points
17. Ledo Pizza-Baltimore,MD--80-World Cup Points
17. Nittany Lions--80-World Cup Points
17. TNT-Cleveland,OH--80-World Cup Points

4 Man-39 Teams
All South 32 Playmakers 20

Winners Bracket Championship
All South 32 Sting 20

Winners Bracket Final Four
All South 27 Madden 20;Sting 28 Conch 6

Winners Bracket Eight
Madden 29 Playmakers 21;All South 27 Elvis Lives 7;
Conch def Unforgiven;Sting 28 Raw Talent 13

Winners Bracket Final 16
Madden 26 Stars 6; Playmakers 12 Total Domination 7;
Elvies Lives 30 Mallare 7; All South 24 Bombers 20; Conch 31 Mayhem 16;Unforgiven 20 TKA 10-OT;Sting 28 Raw Talent 0;Untouchables def Kernan.

Winners Bracket Final 32
Stars Flyers 23 Pros 12;Madden 27 Halls 6;Playmakers 13 Up There 6;Total Domination 29 Playground Legends 0; Elvis Lives 21 7J Outfitters 13;Mallare 28 Fast Break 19;Bombers 33 Back N action 0;All South 29 Interlopers 12;Mayhem 24 Tap Out 21;Conch 27 Henchmen 14;Unforgiven 28 D4 0;TKA 20 FlagMag 0;Raw Talent 28 Young Guns 0;Sting def 4on4;Kernan def Team Cross;untouchables Dragons

Winners Bracket first round
Madden 26 Get a Grip 20;Up There 20 Crush 19;Mallare 32 Team Maximus 0;Back N Black 8 Local Law 7;Conch def G Dawgs;Sting 32 TMT 14;kernan def Free Agents;

Losers Bracket Championship
Playmakers 20 Sting 13

Losers Bracket 4th place
Playmakers 31 Madden 19

Losers Bracket 5th Place
Playmakers 28 Conch 7;Madden 28 Total Domination0

Losers Bracket 7th Place
Playmakers 32 Elivis Lives 18;Total Domination 28 Bombers 13

Losers Bracket 9th Place
Playmakers 26 Raw Talent 19;Elvis Lives 28 TKA 12;Bombers 19 Unforgiven 6;Total Domination 28 untouchables 20

Losers bracket 13th
Raw Talent def Henchmen;TKA 28 Playground Legends 0;Bombers 30 Mallare 0;Total Domination 29 Flyers 13;

Losers Bracket 17th Place
Henchmen 20 Kernan Insurance 19;Raw Talent 28 Interlopers 7;TKA 14 Get A Gripe 13;Playground Legends 20 Mayhem 13;Mallare 28 Up There 21;Total Domination 31 Fast Break 25;Flyers 28 Abacab 8

Losers Bracket 25th place
hencehmen def 7J Outfiters;Interlopers def D4;Get A Gripe 25 4on4 20;Playground Lgends 20 Team Cross 13;TNT 20 Halls 7;Up There 32 Free Agents 13;Fast Break def Tap Out;Abacab 13 back N action 12;

Losers Bracket 1st Round
7J Outfitters 25 Team Puay 17;Interlopers 28 Local Law 7; Get a Gripe 26 Joes Pros 13;Playground 19 Crush 13;TNT 28 Young Guns 0;Free Agents 26 Dragons 19; Tap Out def G. Dawgs; Abacab 29 Flagmag 24

Order of Finish
1. All South-Miami,Fl--1500-World Cup Points
2. Playmakers-Jacksonville,FL-1000-World Cup Points
3. Sting-Miami,Fl--800-World Cup Points
4. All MAdden-Miami,FL-700-World Cup Points
5. Conch-Key West,FL-600-World Cup Points
5. Total Domination-Miami,FL-500-World Cup Points
7. Elvis Lives-St Pete,FL-400-World Cup Points
7. Bombers-Baltimore,MD-400-World Cup Points
9. Raw Talent-Miami,FL-200-World Cup Points
9. TKA-Philadelphia,PA-200-World Cup Points
9. Unforgiven-Jacksonville,FL-200-World Cup Points
9. Untouchables-Jacksonville,FL-200-World Cup Points
13. Henchmen-Baltimore,MD-80-World Cup Points
13.Playground Legends-Indy,IN-80-World Cup Points
13. Mallare-Buffalo,NY-80-World Cup Points
13. Stars Flyers-Cleveland,OH-80-World Cup Points
17. Kernan Insurance-Dayton,OH-80-World Cup Points
17. Interlopers-Chiago,IL-80-World Cup Points
17. Get A grip-Jacksonville,FL-80-World Cup Points
17.Mayhem-Baltimore,MD-80-World Cup Points
17. TMT-Kansas City,MO-80-World Cup Points
17. Up There-Montreal,Canada-80-World Cup Points
17. Tap Out-Jacksonville,FL-80-World Cup Points
17. Abacab-Orlando,FL-80-World Cup Points
25. Back N Action-Orlando,FL-80-World Cup Points
25. Fast Break-Jacksonville,FL-80-World Cup Points
25. Free Agents-Miami,FL-80-World Cup Points
25. Halls-Baltimore,MD-80-World Cup Points
25. Team Cross-Indy,IN-80-World Cup Points
25. 4on4-Jacksonville,FL-80-World Cup Points
25. D-4-Laurel,MD-80-World Cup Points
25. 7J Outfitter-Pittsburgh,PA-80-World Cup Points
33. Maximus-Orlando,FL-80-World Cup Points
33. Local Law-Flint,MI-80-World Cup Points
33. Joes Pros-Cleveland,OH-80-World Cup Points
33. Crush-Orlando,FL-80-World Cup Points
33. Dragons-Centerville,VA-80-World Cup Points
33. G Dawgs-Atlanta,GA-80-World Cup Points
33. FlagMag-Manchester,NH-80-World Cup Points

Womens-4Man-5 Teams
Championship-If Game
Toronto 26 FlaMag/Samford 15

FlagMag/Samford 12 Toronto 6

Winners Bracket Championship
Toronto 19 Toronto 13

Winners Bracket Final four
Samford/FlagMag 28 Simply Marvelous 0-F;Toronto 20 FlagMag Girls 0;

Winners Bracket -1st round
toronto 12 Regulators 6;FlagMag/Girls 29 Stormy Lilaes 0

Losers Bracket Championship
FlagMag/samford 26 FlagMag girls 7;

Losers Bracket 3rd place
Flagmag Girls 8 Regulators 2

Losers Bracket 5th place
Regulators 28 Simply Marvelous 0-F
FlagMag Girls 28 Stormy liliacs 0

Order of Finish
1. Toronto-Toronto,Canada-1500-World Cup Points
2. FlagMag/Samford-Birmingham,AL-1000-World Cup Points
3. FlagMag Girls-Birmingham,AL-800-World Cup Points
4. Regulators-Orlando,FL-700-World Cup Points
5. Stormy liliacs-Reston,VA-600-World Cup Points

7 Man Touch-8 Teams
Gators 24 Weekend Warriors 6

Winners Bracket Championship
Gators 14 Warriors 7

Winners Bracket final four
Warriors 23 PM Pub 14;Gabes 20 Bad Boys 0

Winners Bracket Final eight
Warriors 22 Wolfpack 0;PM Pub 8 Goldsmith Jewelers 6;Bad Boys 6 Res Steelmen 0;Gabes 22 Row 6

Losers Bracket Championship
Weekend Warriors 16 ROW 6

Losers Bracket 4th place
Row 20 Goldsmith jewelers 9

Losers Bracket 5th place
Goldsmith jewelers14 Bad Boys 6; Row 18 Pm Pub & Grub 8

Losers Bracket 7th place
Goldsmith jewelers 7 Wolfpack 0-F;Row 16 RES Steelmen 8

Order of Finish
1. Gabes-Minnesota,MN--1500-World Cup Points
2. Weekend Warriors-Baltimore,MD-1000-World Cup Points
3. Row-Cincinnati,OH-800-World Cup Points
4. GoldSmith Jewelers-Cincinnati,OH--700-World Cup Points
5. PM Pub & Grub-Milwaukee,WI--600-World Cup Points
5. Bad Boys-Newark,NJ--600-World Cup Points
7. RES Steelman-Cincinatti,OH--400-World Cup Points
7. Wolfpack-Wash DC-400-World Cup Points

8Man Ineligible-8 Teams
Championship-If Game
Bull dogs 8 Coyotes 0

Winners Bracket Championship
Bad Boys 6 Coyotes 0

Winners Bracket Final Four
Coyotes 36 Deaf Bruins 6;Bulldogs 18 Tampa 6

Winners Bracket final eight
Coyotes 11 Lowrunners 0;Deaf Bruins 7 Up There 0-F;Tampa 12 ODAF Deaf Dawgs 6;Bad Boys 18 FlagMag 7

Losers Bracket Championship
Coyotes 6 FlagMag 0

Losers Bracket 4th place
FlagMag 13 Up There 0;

Losers Bracket 5th Place
Up there 7 Tampa 0-F;Flagmag 18 Bruins 0;

Losers Bracket 7th Place
Up There 9 Low Runners 0;FlagMag 18 Deaf Dogs 0

Order of Finish
1. Bad Boy Bull Dogs-Wash DC--1500-World Cup Points
2. Coyotes-Chicago,IL-1000-World Cup Points
3. FlagMag/Damiens-Boston,MA-800-World Cup Points
4. Up There-Montreal,Canada-700-World Cup Points
5. Deaf Bruins-Cleveland,OH-600-World Cup Points
5. Team Tampa-Tampa,FL-600-World Cup Points
7. Low Runners-Baltimore,MD-400-World Cup Points
7. Deaf Dawgs-Cleveland,OH -400-World Cup Points

8Man CoRec-4 Teams
Championship-If Game
Team Louisville 7 PHUCM 6

PHUCM 7 Team Louisville 0

Winners Bracket Championship
Team Louisville 13 PHUCM 12;

Winners Bracket final four
Team Louisville 26 Twin City Picks 6;PHUCM 38 Deaf Bruins 0

Losers Bracket Championship
PHUCM 7 Twin City Picks 0;

Losers Bracket 4th Place
Twin City Picks 27 Deaf Bruins 19

Order of Finish
1. Team Louisville-Louisville,KY-1500-World Cup Points
2. PHUCM-Atlanta,GA-1000-World Cup Points
3. Twin City Whickey Picks-Minneapolis,MN-800-World Cup Points
4. Deaf Bruins-Cleveland,OH-700-World Cup Points

8Man Screen-23 Teams
Championship-IF Game
Most Wanted 12 Stars 8

Stars 30 Most Wanted 16

Winners Bracket Championship
Most Wanted 18 Horsmen 6

Winners Bracket final four
Most Wanted 12 Stars 6;Horsemen 6 Untouchables 3

Winners Bracket final Eight
Most Wanted 20 Ontario Touch Football League All Stars 16;Stars 16 Head Hunters 8;Untouchables 30 Redskins 20;Horsemen 14 St Lawrence Holmes 7

Winners Bracket Final 16
Ontario Touch Football League All Stars 22 Zimmer Alliance 16;Most Wanted 14 Kelseys 8;Headhunters 14 Rusty Anchor 8;Stars 34 Colors 14;Redskins 24 Rangers 0;Untouchables 36 Steelers 6;Hosea 27 St Lawrence Holmes 26;Horsemen 26 Blincos 13

Winners Bracket 1st Round
Ontario Touch Football League All Stars 30 Money 8;Kelseys 7 Demons 0-F;Rusty Anchor 22 Purple haze 0;Stars 27 Spatz 6;Rangers 27 Fins 7;Team Hosea 20 One & Only Rams 0;Horsemen 27 Hurricanes 0;

Losers Bracket Championship
Stars 24 Horsemen 20;

Losers Bracket 4th Place
Stars 22 Untouchables 16

Losers bracket 5th Place
Stars 28 Rusty Anchor 0;Untouchables 15 Headhunteres 14

Losers Bracket 7th Place
Rusty Anchor 24 Zimmer Allaince 8;headhunters 22 Ontario Touch Football League All Stars 16

Losers Bracket 9th Place
Zimmer Alliance 24 Team Hosea 0;Rusty Anchor 17 Redskins 3;Headhunters 22 Money 8;Ontario Touch Football League All Stars 14 Blincos 8

Losers Bracket 13th place
Zimmer Alliance 16 Kelsey 11;Rusty Anchor 11 Colors 8;Money 26 Steelers 0;Blincos 28 St Lawrence Holmes 0

Losers Bracket 17th Place
Zimmer 24 Fins 0;Rusty Anchor 24 Rams 19;Colors 22 Hurricanes 12;Money 25 Rangers 0;Steelers 20 Demons 16; St Lawrence Holmes 20 Purple Haze 13;Blincos 7 Spats 0

Order of Finish
1. Most Wanted-Austin,TX-1500-World Cup Points
2. Stars-El Paso,TX-1000-World Cup Points
3. Horsemen-Miami,FL-800-World Cup Points
4. Untouchables-Atlanta,GA-700-World Cup Points
5. Rusty Anchor-St Pete,FL-600-World Cup Points
5. Head Hunters-Austin,TX-600-World Cup Points
7. Ontario Touch Football League All Stars-Toronto,Canada-400- Points
7. Zimmer Alliance-Ft Lauderdale,FL-400-World Cup Points
9. Team Hosea-Miami,FL-200-World Cup Points
9. Redskins-Covington,KY-200-World Cup Points
9. Money-Covington,KY-200-World Cup Points
9. Blincos-Raleigh,NC-200-World Cup Points
13. Kelsea-Miami,FL-80-World Cup Points
13. Colors-McAllen,TX-80-World Cup Points
13. Steelers-Covington,KY-80-World Cup Points
13. St Lawrence Holmes-Covington,KY-80-World Cup Points
17. Fins-Daytona,FL-80-World Cup Points
17. Rams-Raleigh,NC-80-World Cup Points
17. Hurricanes-Atlanta,GA-80-World Cup Points
17. Ft Sam Rangers-Houston,TX-80-World Cup Points
17. Demons-Atlanta,GA-80-World Cup Points
17. Spats-Orlando,FL-80-World Cup Points
17.Purple Haze-Savanah,GA- (Banned from World Cup for unsportsmanship)

35 & Over-5 Teams
Championship-IF Game
Eastland Raiders 20 Coleman Clan 12

Coleman Clan 28 Eastland Raiders 6

Winers Bracket Championship
Eastland Raiders 13 Coleman Clan 7

Winners Bracket final four
Coleman Clan 7 Ilio DiPalos 0;Eastland Raiders 14 Eastside 8;Eastside Chiropractic 8 Renegades 6

Losers Bracket championship
Colemand Clan 22 Ilio Di Paulos 8

Losers Bracket 4th place
Ilio Di Paulos 22 Eastside Chiro 0

Losers Bracket 5th place
Ilio Di Paulos 10 Renegades 8

Order of Finish
1. Eastside Raiders-Wash DC-1500-World Cup Points
2. Coleman Clan-Wash DC-1000-World Cup Points
3. Ilio di paolos-Buffalo,NY-800-World Cup Points
4. Eastside Chiro-Columbus,OH--700-World Cup Points
5. Renegades-Orlando,FL--600-World Cup Points

9Man Ineligible-16 Teams
Championship-If Game
Brothers AC 12 Seminoles 0

Seminoles 16 Brothers AC 12

Winners Bracket Final
Brothers AC 21 NJ Seminoles 0

Winners Bracket Final four
Brothers AC 20 Bensons Raiders 0;NJ Seminoles 8 Titans 7

Winners Bracket Final Eight
Brothers AC 7 Cavaliers 0;Bensons Raiders 14 Warriors AC 7;Titans 3 Metro 0;Seminoles 16 Packers 8

Winners Bracket Final 16
Brothers AC 26 Pure Talent 6;Cavaliers 16 Bull Dogs 6;Warriors AC 28 Nomads 6;Bensons Raiders 24 Black Pride 6;Titans 7 Gippers Seminoles 6;Metro Chiefs 7 Bucaneers 0;Seminoles 17 Landscape Concepts 0;Packers 16 Tigers 8

Losers Bracket Championship
Seminoles 25 Chiefs 6

Loser Bracket 4th place
Chiefs 12 Titans 6-OT

Losers bracket 5th place
Metro Chiefs 9 Bensons Raiders 7;Titans 8 Caviliers 6

Losers Bracket 7th Place
Metro Chiefs 16 Packers 6;Cavilers 16 Gippers Seminoles 8

Losers Bracket 9th place
Packers 15 BullDogs 6;Metro Cheifs 27 Nomads 6;Gippers Seminoles 14 Warriors AC 6;Cavilers 16 Landscape Concepts 8-OT

Losers Bracket 13th Place
Bull Dogs 13 Pure Talent 12;Nomads 22 Black Pride 14;Gippers Seminoles 20 Bucaneers 14;Landscape Concepts 22 Tigers 0

Order of Finish-16 Teams
1. Brothers AC-Wash DC-1500-World Cup Points
2. NJ Seminoles-Paterson,NJ-1000-World Cup Points
3. Chiefs-Wash DC-800-World Cup Points
4. Titans-Long Island,NY-700-World Cup Points
5. Bensons Raiders-S.Brunswick,NJ-600-World Cup Points
5. Cavaliers-Bronx,NY-600-World Cup Points
7. Gippers Seminoles-Bridgeport,CT-400-World Cup Points
7. Packers-Baltimore,MD-400-World Cup Points
9. BullDogs-Rochester,NY-200-World Cup Points
9. Nomads-Paterson,NJ-200-World Cup Points
9. Warriors AC-Wash DC-200-World Cup Points
9. Landscape Concepts-Manalapan,NJ-200-World Cup Points
13.Pure Talent-Raleigh,NC-80-World Cup Points
13. Black Pride-Birmingham,AL-80-World Cup Points
13. Bucaneers-Long Island,NY-80-World Cup Points
13. Tigers-Lexington,KY-80-World Cup Points

Mike Cihon (USFTL Executive Director) and Jim Zimolka (Flag Football Magazine President) take a pose with Miss Flagmag 2001, Corina Maldonado of Valencia, Venezuela. Corina was in attendance promoting the World Cup. Miss Maldonado and Flagmag girls from Samford University were on-hand to inform all the teams that participated in the USFTL Nationals, are eligible to compete in the World Cup. All teams are invited to compete in the World Cup Invitational February 23/24th in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Corina will be playing for the women's TEAM VENEZUELA at the World Cup tournament, February 21/22nd at Bamford Sports Complex.
More Info visit World Cup of Flag Football
or Email-JimZimolka@FlagFootballplayer.com


Congratulations on a spectacular tournament in Orlando! You have all now
qualified to compete in the 2002 World Cup Invitational tournament in Ft.
Lauderdale, FL, Feb. 23 & 24th. Come join us for this weekend of
international competition. Just visit www.worldcupflagfootball.com
to sign up - all registrations are due by Feb. 5th, no exceptions!
There is 8-man, 7-man, and 4-man competition available at all levels!!

Come down early enough to catch Mike Cihon coach TEAM USA in World Cup 9-man action on Feb. 21st & 22nd, and join us for the World Cup Finals on Friday evening Feb. 22nd - an evening complete with an opening ceremony, celebrity flag football, pee-wee flag football, and fireworks!!

Congrats again on your finish at USFTL Nationals,
and your invitation to the 2002 World Cup!!

World Cup Points
Only Teams with points can play at the World Cup invitational tournament, Feb 23/24th in Davie,Fl. Teams with the highest points will choose first, for placement in the double elimination bracket.
(Teams Choose their own destiny). International Teams will choose first.

Kodi L. Wilson
Gracedale Sports & Entertainment
Director of Operations & Event Management

. All teams that have qualified to play in the World Cup Invitational,
MUST stay in the host hotel (Best Western Rolling Hills Resort),
or they will not be allowed to compete in the World Cup tournament.
Local teams must write or fax Kodi for exemption - Email:
"kodi@gracedale.com", Fax: 847-239-6743. To reserve your rooms at the Host Hotel at the special rate of $89, call 954-475-0400.

Pictures of the hotel can be seen on-line at :
Additional pictures are available at:


TEAM USA will be traveling around the world to promote flag football and the 2003 World Cup, later this year. The complete itinerary is scheduled to be announced following the 2002 World Cup. Members of TEAM USA will receive the first invitation to play on the travel squad. Additional team members eligible to travel with TEAM USA, are athletes who play in the 2002 World Cup.

2002 TEAM USA tentative schedule:

August-Eastern Europe-TBA

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