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Sam Brown

9/29/2003 7:25pm ET
Im looking for an adult tackle football team in the knoxville area any info is appreciated

email me at dsb1183@aol.com


9/28/2003 10:48pm ET
I'm looking to join an adult flag football team in the Sacramento area. I can play receiver or defensive back. If a team has an opening or any information on joining a team please email me. Thanks.
joshua bebop clark

9/24/2003 5:59pm ET
whats up. my name is bebop. i live in oxnard, calif.ive played football more many years. 1st team all league, etc. i am looking for a team that may need a team player. when i was playing i played reciever and safety. if any body needs a player holla back on my email

9/23/2003 5:12pm ET
If we may, we would like to show off our team and our team site at EastSideFootball.com. We are hoping to help our league clean up the league site and bring it up to date as well as help out any other teams looking to have a solid web presence. We are fighting to have flag football taken serious in our area. Are others experiencing any issues with pop warner, rugby and other sports getting the better time slots for field useage?

Cheers, John
Albert G.

9/22/2003 12:25pm ET
Hi I'm looking to find out if there are some leagues located in Connecticut.
Josh Bailey

9/18/2003 5:21pm ET
My name is Josh Bailey and I live in San Jose CA.I need some info. about leauges in my area. Any help will be appreciated. Thaks
Stephen K.

9/18/2003 10:13am ET
I am on a first year flag football team and we have an awful offense. If anyone could give me some play ideas that would be great. TIA
Jerry H.

9/18/2003 9:23am ET
I'm looking for, or will help set up a league in Hoboken New Jersey...Anything out there

9/18/2003 2:41am ET
I'm looking to join a flag football team in the Sacramento area. I live in Carmichael. Just moved in 8 weeks ago. Please e-mail if there is any openings around. I can play basically any position.
Thank You!
John Trischetti

9/17/2003 3:07am ET
I live in the north scottsdale area and I am looking to play flag football on monday nights in north scottsdale. I would be willing to play in the phoenix metro area as long as the day would remain on monday night. If there any leauges out there please contact me @ (602) 502-5213

9/16/2003 2:37pm ET
If anyone knows some good Defensive coverage/rushing plays I sure would like to see them. It's for an intramural league at the University of Missouri. Thanks in advance to anyone that responds.

9/16/2003 12:18am ET
If anyone has any 3 person offensive line(full contact) 1 quarterback(flag) and 3 recievers(flag) plays please email me ASAP. Our Maryland team is in desprate need of some help. ONYX south suicide Queens Afficial Nasty

9/15/2003 11:52am ET
I'm looking for teams that are interested in playing in THE ROCKFORD CONTACT FLAG FOOTBALL LEAGUE Fall, Indoor Winter session and Fall tounament. I am also looking for a tournament to enter two teams into. I can be reached at (815)558-5353 or rockfordcffl@yahoo.com
Super Swede

9/12/2003 5:19pm ET
What's up people, I'm a 25 year old guy looking to play flag football in any league around Sacramento area. Have some skills and experience, won the university's flag football championship twice, playing QB or WR on offense, and LB and CB on defense. Holla if you know of any league I can join

9/12/2003 4:08pm ET
Just looking to assemble an offensive playbook for my intramural squad. Anyone have any ideas about plays, offensive sets, etc. We have the athletes to compete, we just need some organization!!!

9/11/2003 8:23pm ET
Looking for a good Flag football league team to join as individual. Adult league please!

9/5/2003 9:23pm ET
i just want to know where i can sign up for a co-ed (NOT ALL GIRLS) football league in katy texas. if u can help me please do so.

9/2/2003 7:54pm ET
Looking for some defensive drills and ways to help modivate a group of 7 year olds in 8 player flag football. They have awesome speed but the flag's just seem to slip through their fingers. If I can get the defense up to par I should have a pretty awesome team. Any help greatly apperciated.

9/1/2003 11:38am ET
I recently moved to Phoenix and I am looking for flag football games in the area. If you have any info, please e-mail me. Thanks.

8/30/2003 10:46pm ET
C.I.F.F.L. Fall League 8 man non-contact
(TAAF Rules and Sanctioned).
When: Sunday nights starting on Sept. 21st
Games time: 6:00pm thru 9:00 pm
Fee: $275 per team with a $18 per game ref fee.
www.ciffl.org/register.htm for more info.

8/30/2003 2:19pm ET
Looking for anyone in the Washington State areas of Bellevue,Kirkland,Everett,Renton,Newcastle,Issaquah to start football teams and set games. I almost played my sr year in high school but didn't cause of school and wanting to play bad!
Chris Moenig

8/29/2003 12:40pm ET
I'm looking to post a team in the Sacramento California area. Does anyone know of any flag football teams out here? Please send details if so. THX.
Robert Mayberry

8/28/2003 6:56am ET
High Impact Sports presents 4 on 4 Flag Football. We are a league starting in Arlington, Texas. Visit our site for more information!!! www.highimpactsports.com

8/27/2003 7:46pm ET
Looking for a flag football league in the Harrisburg PA area. Anyone know of a league that could use another team, email me at mely42@excite.com

8/27/2003 5:31pm ET
i just moved to sacramento and im looking for a flag football league/4-4 or 5-5. also i wanted to find out the field measurments of a standard flag football field.

8/27/2003 7:04am ET
Looking for touch / flat football league in the fall in the Baltimore area..if anyone knows of any please send me an email thanks

8/26/2003 10:50pm ET
Looking to get on a Flag Football team in Connecticut for Fall 2003. Please email me if you need players.


8/26/2003 8:22am ET
Philly PTTFL vet looking for league and team closer to home (s. Jersey, N.E. Philly). DB/WR college experience, solid, athletic.
Frank K.

8/25/2003 4:54pm ET
Recently graduated college, looking to join a flag team in the Toms River/Ocean County area. Any info would be helpful.

8/23/2003 3:52pm ET
Looking for basic 8 man offense and defense plays for middle school flag football team. Starting up Sept 1st. All players eligible to recieve a pass. One running play per 1st down. (1st down 15 yards, field is 30 yards) Any advice helpful
Bob K.

8/22/2003 5:12pm ET
First time to coach 8 Man Flag football. Any plays and advise would be helpful.
Edwin Barron

8/22/2003 1:06pm ET
I live in Phoenix, Arizona and have been playing flag football every Saturday morning. I am looking for more guys who are interested in playing. We play in North Phoenix area. If interested please email me and I will give you the info.

8/21/2003 11:01am ET
I live in Philly and Am looking for a flag football league to play in. I have a stronge desire to play so If anybody knows of a league or place to play please E-mail me.

8/18/2003 11:01pm ET
First year as a kids flag football coach and interested in some GOOD offense and defense set-ups and plays. I need something the kids will grasp easily and understand. Please help !

8/15/2003 1:32am ET
Also looking for some 4on4 flag football offensive plays. Please let me know if you have any or know where to find them.
Gene Spiker

8/15/2003 1:31am ET
I run an officials assigning business in Arizona. If you are looking for quality flag football officials, please contact me. I also have contacts for flag football officials in several other states.

If you are looking for any leagues to play in the Phoenix, Arizona area, I'd be happy to pass along some information.

8/11/2003 4:33pm ET



8/8/2003 11:09pm ET
Interested in playing in an adult flag football league in Sacramento, CA. Anyone interested, please email me at: jerrick.powell@earthlink.net

8/7/2003 9:00pm ET
if anyone knows of a adult flag football league to join around the bloomberg berwick area in pa. please let me know thanks
Coach J

8/7/2003 10:55am ET
Need plays and suggested postitions for 5 on 5 flag football team comprised of 9-12 year olds. first time as football coach

8/5/2003 5:13pm ET
Hey! I'm trying to locate the 4 on 4 website in Jacksonville, Florida and it keeps saying that the page no longer exists or might be down. Can someone please give me the new address if there is one. It used to be 4on4.com...Thanks!!
Coach D

8/5/2003 8:42am ET
Can anyone send me some information on how to organize a practice for flag football. This is my first year coaching. I will be coaching 5-7 year olds in a 7 on 7 league. We have 4 linemen that are ineligible receivers but they do have to block. Any drills or plays will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

8/4/2003 7:59pm ET
Anyone with information on adult teams or team in the Oklahoma City or Norman area please email me, Thanks
David Sierras

8/3/2003 2:28pm ET
Hollywood Recreation Center is now taking sign-ups for Flag Football.
This is a 7 on 7 contact flag football league with the MOST competitive players
in all of Los Angeles. Fee: $60
Visit our website at: www.eteamz.com/hollywoodball
Practice starts August 16th for Boys and Girls ages 6 thru 16.
nick marmo

7/31/2003 9:37pm ET
looking for team in raleigh nc can play any thing good arm good hands good speed
Flag Football Guru

7/31/2003 3:42pm ET
For great Flag football plays at a great price visit:


You get Defenses, over 40 offensive plays for under $20!!! Can't beat it.

Check me out!

7/29/2003 3:22pm ET
Prefferebly in the willow Grove, Warrington, Bensalem, Hatboro Area. I am willing to travel a little to play.

7/29/2003 3:19pm ET
Just graduated from the University of Florida and New to Philly and I am lookin for a Flag Football league to join. Please email me asap!

7/29/2003 10:46am ET
I am trying to find any information on womens flag football in Dallas, Tx. Any info would be appreciated. You can e-mail me at tarakayo@hotmail.com

7/23/2003 4:20pm ET
I am interested in flag football leagues in Riverside Southern CA
anyone with info please email me.

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