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4/21/2004 10:39am ET
Looking for someone to help me out. I have a youth flag team that I coach, we are in desperate need of new plays. I need Offensive and Defensive plays badly. If you have it in your heart to help please send plays to apoole24@cox.net.

Thanks in advance
Rick Shays

4/20/2004 12:56pm ET
I need some good advice/plays from some of you veterans!Im 21yrs old and I just started coching 9-11 yr olds and we lost are first game pretty badly,the kids could be decent if I just knew how to play them.We have five players per team onthe feild at game time,if anyone has ideas please e mail me!

4/19/2004 1:41am ET
looking to join a womens flag football team in northern or southern ca.

4/17/2004 2:56pm ET
Players needed for NORTH HIGHLANDS, CA league. Contact Patrick at Patricknumber44@aol.com.

4/15/2004 4:35pm ET
The North American Spring Bowl Flag Football Tournament is set for May 22 - 24.
This tourney is a 8 man eligible cash tournament. Congratulations to last years champion , the GreenMachine from Spokane Washington. For more info call 250-828-8714.

4/15/2004 1:52am ET
The Long Beach Lions will open up their 2004 Mini Camp on Saturday April, 24th at Long Beach City College in Long Beach on Clark and Carson. Start time of camp will be 9:00 a.m. So please be there ready to work at 8:30 a.m. This camp is mandatory for all newly signed players as well as veterans. We will open the camp to all interested players as well. If you are interested in being a "Lion" in 2004, be sure to log on to our website at www.longbeachlions.com and fill out a "Player Application". This must be done prior to showing up at camp. There is a $50.00 administrative fee (Cash only) that will be due upon your arrival. Please bring grass cleats, black workout short, and running shoes. All Lions players who have already signed with the team, please look neat as we will be taking our head shots for the roster, website, and the press-telegram newspaper staff. The road to the championship has always Start from first day of camp. So be prepared to work hard. We look forward to a great season in 2004 and look to defend our home field. We have a great administration and coaching staff with great amounts of experience. This goes along with some of the finest athletes that California has to offer. So come be a part of the most successful Minor League Football Team in Southern California. The Lions have already started the 2004 campaign off right by playing in the 2004 L.A. Avengers Minor League Arena Tournament on February 22nd and April 3. For more information, feel free to call the team office at 562 223-0031.

Leman Well
GM/Vice President

4/14/2004 12:19pm ET
FOR INFO CALL Greg 646-423-8853

U.S.L Adult Flag Football Opening Season Kickoff
Sunday April 18,2004 are main event game will be @
Brooklyn Parade Grounds Field 9
Pre Game Starts 12pm
Throw off starts 12:30pm are special guest will be
New York Giants WR/KR #85 DAVID TYREE. He will sign autograph
and throw the opening coin toss.

The two teams for this game will be RECKON CREW VS BLUE DAMAGE.
So bring your FAMILY and KIDS for the best league in NYC.


4/14/2004 2:23am ET
Wanted football items. Any football items we will sale in our online store. Also wanted candidates for our wall of fame include a high school football picture,best game moment and some stats. No current pros or college players. Just regular guys that we can make immortal. www.firstandgoalnation.com
Fred Guiette

4/10/2004 4:15pm ET
I am looking for a flag football league in or around plano texas with some contact.

thanks for the help.
Mike Linguine

4/3/2004 10:59pm ET
Please send my your offense plays and thoughts about defense in a 7 man flag league.

4/2/2004 1:24pm ET
How do I find a flag football league in kentucky to get a team in

3/29/2004 4:53pm ET
Nationally Ranked Flag Football Champion, Team FLEX,
is trying out additional players.
The 6-time defending Colorado State champion, and top 15 nationally ranked team, is looking for additional players, especially lineman.If you are an ex college Division 1 or just an elite player, we would be interested in talking to you. Our sponsors will enable us to play at league, state, national, and international tournaments.
For more information, contact Brent at 720-270-1202 or email brente@aspsys.com

3/29/2004 1:29am ET
Does anyone have any plays, drills, or strategies for a SLOW 5 on 5 flag football group? We need plays that don't require that much speed. Help, thanks.
LoneStar Classic

3/26/2004 11:17am ET
The Lone Star "Spring" Classic Flag Football tournament is back!!!! The Best flag football tournament in TEXAS is back in Dallas, April 24 & 25th, 2004 at Fair Oaks Park. The "Fall" Classic is tentatively scheduled for October-more to come on that
See www.lonestarclassic.net or www.texasflagfootball.com for more information - Make the trip. It will be worth it!
LoneStar Classic

3/26/2004 11:15am ET
The Lone Star "Spring" Classic Flag Football tournament is back!!!! The Best flag football tournament in TEXAS is back in Dallas, April 24 & 25th, 2004 at Fair Oaks Park. The "Fall" Classic is tentatively scheduled for October-more to come on that
See www.lonestarclassic.net or www.texasflagfootball.com for more information - Make the trip. It will be worth it!
MC Staff

3/25/2004 10:13pm ET
Atlanta, GA (July 2004)

9-Man, 8-Man (Elig./Inelig.), 7-Man and 5-man

$1500 for all styles (except 5-man - $500)

3/25/2004 3:16pm ET
The U.S.L Flag Football Challenge is in New York City


Get Your Team Ready !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Spring 2004 U.S.L. Flag Football Challenge is here! This event will be just as competitive as the “U.S.L. F.F. CUP” which takes place every Fall Season in Manhattan. Teams will have eight players on the field, same uniform (jersey if possible) Flags will be supplied by United Sports League Staff. We are the only professional F.F. League that doesn’t require a field goal kicker but still has the option of scoring 3 points on 4th downs with the U-points scoring format. So Get Your Team Ready. once you play in this league you will never want to play in another league again. You can also find all INFORMATION (Learn about U-Point, Rule book Registration Form, Prizes and other Event) on www.unitedsportsleague.com or email us at info@unitedsportsleague.com.

• Winning Team will Receive the U.S.L Flag Football Crystal Ball Trophy and individual trophies .
• Offensive Player MVP Award & Defensive Player MVP Award. These will be given out on the Championship game for team players playoff performance.
• Free Entry to 2005 U.S.L. Flag Football Challenge for the Winning Team
• Runner up Team will receive 25% off 2005 U.S.L. Flag Football Challenge

Date / Time:
• Opening Season will start April 11,2004, Easter Sunday; only two games will be played. Throw off starts 2:00pm. Bring your family and kids for gifts and an Easter Basket Raffle on half time for both games.
• Regular Schedule will resume April 18,2004 from 12pm till 4pm
• Season consists of eight regular season games. Playoff game and are 2004 U.S.L F.F Challenge Championship game.

Brooklyn Parade Ground on Caton Avenue
Field 9 , Field 10

League Fee:
$500 per team

To register please go to our web-site or call 646-423-8853 by April 7, 2004

On April 4, 2004 @ Parade Ground Field 9 Members of United Sports League Staff will be present to receive Registration forms, answer any questions, and for teams to practice from 12pm till 3pm


3/25/2004 1:23pm ET
I am trying to help my school get in a small flag or touch football league by the summer time if anyone has any information please contact me.
la gunsliners

3/22/2004 9:08pm ET
anyone that is interested in playing minor league football in southern california can call 310 213 9883 or email me at mwilliams@lagunslingers.com

mark williams

come and check us out
FBall in Towson MD

3/22/2004 10:10am ET
Looking to swap plays for 8 on 8 non contact - we have about 40 offensive plays and 8 defensive plays we use but are always looking for more

please email @ steamrollersmd@yahoo.com if interested

3/21/2004 5:58pm ET
We are starting a 4 on 4 team in Ohio and we need help with offensive and defensive ideas. We played in one tournament and realized we need to come up with a strategy, but are new to the game. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Nick Frazier

3/21/2004 6:58am ET
Anyone living in the Dayton, Ohio area interested in playing full contact Semi professional Football is encouraged to contact the Miami Valley Predators at (937) 773-9423. You can also visit us online at www.eteamz.com/MiamiValleyPredators

3/18/2004 12:11am ET
Need help with offensive and defensive plays for 9 and 10 year olds. Anyone have any suggestions?

3/17/2004 3:01pm ET

3/16/2004 4:34pm ET
does anyone know of flag football leagues this coming summer in central new jersey. if so email me with the info please



3/16/2004 2:38pm ET
I have a team ready to play in a league for Spring 2004. Does anyone know of a league in the Maryland area that is starting up around April 2004? My team the scorpions is ready to play 8 0r 9man Ball.
Keri Ewing

3/15/2004 7:37pm ET
I am a 7 on 7 flag football coach in Maine during the summer at a Boys Camp. I also coach 8-man football at a highschool in Oregon during the fall, I have tons of plays for both. Last summer my flag football team won the camp championship and my high school team went to the playoffs for the first time in 9 years. The plays are good and free. Just email me. Kewing55@hotmail.com

3/14/2004 7:15pm ET

3/14/2004 3:04pm ET
Can you join a league at 16 years old?

3/13/2004 1:36pm ET
North Carolina Flag Football Association
South Carolina Flag Football Association

Check out the North Carolina - South Carolina State Rankings for the upcoming 'states' unification tournament.

Top 8 screen flag teams from each state based on rankings will be invited to participate in an Invitational tournament this summer.


This brings the 80 plus teams from the SCFFA and the 80 plus screen flag teams from NC into the mix for the first NC - SC State Unification Tournament based solely on state rankings.

If you do not see your team on the list ... play harder or contact the SCFFA at Scflag@aol.com or the NCFFA at info@flagfootball.org ... or visit the web sites at ...


Tim Langdon

FBall in Towson MD

3/12/2004 1:42pm ET
Kinda short notice - but my QB went out this week - if anyone is interested in QBing for a coed team starting 3-28 in a 2 hand touch league...please email asap ...league fee is $35 for the season and thats it ...
nasser washington

3/7/2004 9:47am ET
I am looking to put a team in a league for flag football in or around pittsburgh, pa.
anthony siderio

3/5/2004 5:06pm ET
looking for all tournaments on the east coast if anyone knows of any please e-mail me to let me know. i'd appreciate a lot thanks.
Guillaume MARIGNAN

3/5/2004 6:17am ET
(5 on 5 non contact)
In 2003: 700 players, 86 teams, 29 fields,...
7th edition: May 29 and 30th 2004
Le Havre - Normandy - FRANCE
More infos: www.flag-oceane.com
Hope to see you one of those days
7 to 60 years old, boys, girls, co-ed,...
Best regards
billy secrease

3/4/2004 10:53am ET
ive put together a new team and would like to get the update on the coming up leagues and tourniments in the dallas and ft worth areas. i want to know the contacts.
Brad Svoboda

3/3/2004 1:12pm ET
I justed moved to Manhattan, NY and looking to join a flag football team. I am 25 yrs old and played WR at Colorado State University from 97-01.

Can someone please email me with any information on teams or leagues?


Jeremie Faber

3/3/2004 12:47pm ET
Sigma Phi Epsilon of Florida Atlantic University is hosting Football for Life, a 4 on 4 flag football tournament to benefit the American Heart Association. It will be on April 3-4 at Mills Pond Park in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Team registration is $100 for a minimum of 4 players and maximum of 6 players. Registrations are due by March 19th. All players will recieve a t-shirt for the event, refreshments throughout the weekend, and the winners will recieve trophies. Also, for any out of town teams will are working with Holiday Inn on a special rate package. If you are interested please contact me for a registration form.

Jeremie Faber
doug kreitzer

3/2/2004 6:06pm ET
need some 7 man flagfootball plays

3/1/2004 11:43pm ET
Hey I am looking for some good plays. My team is new & we need some plays from someone that has been around a while.

3/1/2004 12:33pm ET
im trying to find out where and when i can get my 9 year old signed up for flag football in the virginia beach area........i know it starts in april.im new to this area,have no clue where to get him signed up........

2/28/2004 12:51am ET
I am interested in playing the game, and i wanted to get some info. on the tournements in the los angeles area,(malibu) I also wanted to know the fees and # of men on the field at a time. Thanks very much Berda
please email me bbreak@hotmail.com
Leon Saunders

2/23/2004 10:46am ET
Does any know who sells the football

WEB Gloves ?
please contact me at 480-226-5557



2/13/2004 6:16pm ET
want to play in central florida scrim or tour let me know
Baltimore Area Football

2/13/2004 10:16am ET

1. Looking to swap plays for 7-8 man non contact football

2. I help run a 7 man co ed league in the fall and we are looking for players both male and female at all times. We play Sunday mornings in the Owings Mills MD area on a 65 yd field and we play 7 -10 Sundays and always play double headers...all costs up front are taken care of with one fee which also includes jersey and ref fees..It is a touch league and last year had 6 teams that were all competitve with each other right down to the wire

If interested please contact me @ HeyLover73@aol.com

2/12/2004 4:39pm ET
their is a daytona beach fl. leauge starting soon if any one is interested also does anyone know of some florida tournaments or other leauges we want to start playing all time so let me know thank you

2/11/2004 3:51pm ET
I am trying to find some information on Adult Flag Football in Fort Lauderdale Area. Does anyone have any contact information for ZIMMER ALLIANCE(Fort Lauderdale, FL) or RUFF RYDERS(Hollywood, FL)? Looking to join a team? They are the only teams I could find in FF results.

2/8/2004 4:17pm ET
I am looking for flag football in the Cincinnati, OH area. Does any one have any information? My sons are 10 & 12.

2/6/2004 3:10pm ET
Anyone looking to put an indoor flag team together in the Milwaukee, WI area? I have a facility to play at.

2/3/2004 12:53pm ET
Single elimination 7 0n 7 open and high school division feb 29. $1000 madden tourney feb 28. Check out www.firstandgoalnation.com
Jo Jo

1/31/2004 12:42am ET
I wanted to know if anyone has any information about the dyersburg tourny this year. if so please post something

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